How To Build an Email List for Free

Build an Email List

Businesses have been using mass-email marketing for a while now - and to great effect! 

There’s a secret art to getting the most out of mass email marketing.

Do it too much and you can lose interest. Do it too little and you’ll lose your impact.

Perfecting the best settings for your business or marketing needs is entirely up to you, we’re here to help you set things up. 

Thankfully, mass email marketing has become a lot cheaper and a lot more specific in recent times. 

This means you’re able to aim your email ads at more specific people (people who are more likely to make a conversion). 

It also means it costs less to reach out to them - obviously great news for any business. 

However, mass emails are only as good as the leads or contacts you have in your email list. 

There’s no point in sending a bunch of doctors emails about your new tobacco products, for instance. 

So when you’re compiling an email list, it’s important to know who’s on it and even a little about them. 

When you’re sending thousands of emails though, this can be tricky. 

The key lies in understanding where you’re acquiring the contacts from in the first place. 

In most cases, using the correct tools can also help you categorize your contacts more accurately. 

There are so many hidden tools and tips for improving mass email marketing that knowing where to start can be overwhelming. 

Let us help you simplify the process and unlock the most out of your mass email marketing today! 

1. Why Is An Email List Important? 

People read emails frequently although the promotions tab is something that both businesses and everyday users tend to overlook

But then, why wouldn’t they? 

Unless you have a very selected list of businesses, pages, or apps that you subscribe to online, most people tend to just ignore the promotions tab. 

Why? The idea of spam turns people off

So even if you have a fantastic offer - batching yours in with spam can often curb those conversions.

Thankfully, there are a lot of tips for getting more out of the promotions tab as well as mass email in general.

If you’re new to it, or just checking up on any useful ideas or information to use in your business or life then keep reading. 

We’ll present the simple principles of mass email marketing and some of the tools and methods utilized in the process. 

1.1. How Do You Benefit From Mass Email Marketing?

If you need people to know about you or what you do - marketing is essential. 

The modern era allows for many different forms of marketing. 

Whether it’s yourself, your organization, or your business, finding the right styles of marketing can make a huge difference in your business. 

Being able to attract people who are interested in what you’re putting out is a large part of how the world works today for all of us. 

It’s both a skill and a handy ability. Mass email marketing is but one of the many ways in which you can achieve this goal. 

It’s easy to learn, affordable, and effective and that means you’ll likely get more out of your business. 

Email marketing is and always will be a tried and trusted form of reaching those interested in your business. 

However, there are a lot of ways to get more out of it as a tool and mechanism for your purposes. 

Of course, this depends on a lot of different factors. 

Do you run a business? Are you selling online? Maybe just writing a blog or trying to get more out of your social media?

Extra cash, income, conversions, and a more functional approach to digital marketing is what people online all want. 

Mass emailing is a core function in the online world that helps to grow your business tremendously. 

Factoring email advertising into your business is a great way to turn over revenue and awareness. 

Marketing is a field for a reason. There are always many approaches to different goals. 

Let’s take a look at the various tools and methods to unlock the greater potential of email marketing in easy, actionable steps. 

2. The Importance Of Social Media 

Gathering knowledge and insights about the people on your email lists is essential to crafting the best lists possible. 

The more knowledge you have about them, the better you can hone who you send what to. 

As you’d likely know, regardless of who you’re selling to, trying to get a better understanding of what they do online is important. 

You can gather a lot more about who your potential clientele are or who your readership/following are with social media. 

Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and tools such as Google Analytics are all easy to use and will give you a lot more than you expect. 

Granted that you understand how they work! 

This can be a tricky balancing act when it comes to using mass email marketing and social media together.  

There are a lot of delicate preferences and procedures that can dictate whether something will be accepted in the world of social media.

Let’s take a look at how to use some of the most relevant social media platforms and how to get the most out of them.

Social Media

2.1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media platform that was largely built around the idea that business people tend to like dealing with business-orientated people. 

While most businesses tend to market directly to their customers, some business models benefit from B2B quite significantly. 

You’d be amazed at how many people are potential customers for a wide variety of different products, services, or information on this platform.

However, it’s important to note that LinkedIn does have strict rules regarding useability. 

Groups are generally well-moderated, guidelines are clear, and the payment plans are clearly mapped out. 

LinkedIn offers features that allow you to focus on growing your own leads without the need for additional plugins or tools.  

A basic account allows you to grow your network by around 20-30 connections every day and only 3 InMails every 24 hours. 

InMails allow you to message anyone on the platform, regardless of how well connected you are. 

This exclusivity is part of what keeps the network more professional and ensures somewhat more trustworthy leads

It’s just quite expensive. 

A Platinum Sales Navigator account allows for 20 InMail messages across the network. 

It also allows for greater growth, more specific search parameters for accurate lead generation, and more monthly connections. 

This feature will cost $79 a month.

You are then able to email up to 50 people per group message which you create.

These can be customized with unique sales funnels, offers, or informative links that help to encourage a specific type of engagement. 

Remember, the setting in which you approach or address someone can have an effect on the outcome of the interaction. 

LinkedIn is a professional space that is geared toward mass email marketing. 

Even with the free version, you can help increase the number of people you’re reaching per month quite effectively. 

On average, you’re bound to get an average of 2 decent leads or referrals per 600 emails that you send. 

Those are the conservative figures, but it goes to show that trying to define your contact list as accurately as possible is important. 

LinkedIn logo

As an example, the more accurate your contact list, the higher the number of leads per 600 messaged.

The average CTR (click-through-rate) of most mass email marketing campaigns is between 10-17% of emails sent

Of that, roughly another 10% or less will become conversions

While this might sound quite low, in truth it is inexpensive and quite easy to maintain. 

Knowing how to use mass emails in a timeous, relevant, non-spammy way is a classic marketing strategy to perfect. 

But that comes with practice and research!

2.2. Facebook & Instagram 

These platforms are some of the most popular ways to grow your awareness and SEO online. 

Facebook offers a surprisingly accurate and useful advanced search that few tend to utilize. 

Getting the most out of impressions, online interactions and your Facebook page will enable a wider audience and potential clientele. 

Facebook & Instagram

Instagram is a great tool for reaching out to both passive clients and active online shoppers. 

The new shop feature on Instagram allows people to really make a useful quick purchase if you’re running an online store or selling anything. 

Integrating both of these features into your group messages which can be accessed directly in your inbox is simple and effective! 

This allows you to both notify a lot of people at once about something on your page and safely integrate a link to a payment portal too. 

While manually doing this on a phone can be difficult, there are apps like Bulk DM, DM Pro, and Hootsuite that can help. 

Bulk DM (unpaid) and DM Pro are bulk messenger services that allow you to send 50-100 direct messages a month. 

For comparison, your regular Instagram account provides 32 messages a day. 

Utilizing this along with your conventional mass email campaigns will definitely help grow your online presence and conversions

Remember, though, it’s important to pay attention to things like aesthetics, user-friendliness, and directness on these platforms. 

Set an automated messenger on your Facebook page and be sure to check it often. Stylize your Instagram posts tastefully. 

Don’t feel shy about taking an online course. These kinds of things can really help your business’ growth. 

They often only take a few hours too - which is really great to know when you’re trying to handle a lot by yourself. 

3. Classic Marketing Techniques

Due to the tried-and-trusted nature of mass email marketing, having know-how for the basics is crucial for greater marketing success. 

Remember, when it comes to emails, simple principles work the best. 

Things can get pretty complicated when you tap into the various tools, techniques, and platforms that enable better bulk-messaging. 

Ultimately, you’re still sending an email - just to hundreds if not thousands of people. 

This simple checklist should help you get an understanding of some of the basics you should know or could brush up on! 

Marketing Techniques

3.1. Sales Funnels And Split-Testing 

Sales funnels are a great way to both draw a customer into a sale and raise your marketing stats at the same time. 

A sales funnel is essentially started by a third-party link that is promoted across the internet to help drive traffic to a specific payment portal

There are a lot of different ways to make the most out of these. 

Being a part of a good advertising affiliate is important. 

Having a good offer is vital and being able to remain enticing with regards to the layout of your landing page(s) can really improve those conversions. 

Split-testing is just a complicated way of making sure that all the various links between your different landing pages and website function correctly. 

This is imperative if you want to get the most SEO out of each campaign and the highest possible conversions

Remember, you can track a whole lot of data from people as they click on a landing page. 

Things like where they’re from, what they’re doing on your site, and whether they made a purchase or not all help you determine a good strategy. 

The idea of a sales funnel is to eventually get as many people who click on the link to make a sale. 

Following up by encouraging an email sign-up within a sales funnel is also an important way to show customers you’re interested in their business. 

Tools such as really help with simple and accurate split-testing to make sure everything’s running smoothly.

Even if they’re just passive readers on your blog, every click counts! 

3.2. Traditional Online Ad Campaigns

Google Ads have helped most businesses realize how important getting represented on search engines is. 

For a moderate fee, Google Ads allows basically anyone willing to learn how to market themselves online effectively. 

You can set how much you’d like to pay, who you’d like to advertise to and where you’d like your ads to take visitors to after clicking on them. 

This means you can tailor an advertising campaign to your specific needs at a reasonably low cost. 

Want to see immediate results in terms of traffic and sales? 

Setting your ad to a conversion-based campaign or cost-per-click is a good idea. 

You pay for the number of people that click on your advert, but pay a small amount per click to whichever website hosted that ad.

The more clicks you get, the less you pay

It’s scaled downwards exponentially, so the longer you run your ad and the more traffic you drive to the same landing page(s) as your ad, the cheaper it gets.

This can help to generate more leads and boost the chances that more of your email-list clients see your ads later again on search engines or websites. 

While this option isn’t free, it’s a good way to quickly boost your SEO, traffic, and conversions

You’ll easily notice the difference between the campaign being active and paused. 

This usually helps to prove its efficacy.  


3.3. Free Trials and Special Offers

While it may be true that nothing in life is truly free, free-trials, discounts, and complimentary gifts will always be popular. 

This is true because it works for both the business and the customer. 

Businesses tend to gain a lot more conversions when customers get a taste for something they might buy upfront. 

No strings attached

This helps to show you’re genuine and that they actually need what they’re going to buy. 

This allows for more cooperation in terms of email marketing sign-ups and likely conversions via email. 

When people see a useful free-trial offer, a worthwhile limited discount offer, or a unique free-gift, they’re more inclined to give their emails.

On top of that, they’re also bound to make a sale or purchase

The key to free-gifts is to remember that they’re not entirely free. 

You see, the customer still pays for the shipping and the cost of the item. 

The trick is to keep the item as cheap or low-cost, yet as useful and enticing as possible. 

For instance, a $1 pen marketed as a free product for which the customer only pays for shipping fees ($4.99) can be marketed as a free pen only $5.99 for shipping.  

Remember though, whenever offering a special - you have to ensure that it is special. People won’t be satisfied if the discount isn’t much or the free gift is not interesting and too expensive. 

No need to reinvent the wheel - just remember that you can easily enhance your sales and business performance with these classic marketing techniques. 

Free Shipping

4. Tools and Apps To Consider

The best way to understand how mass emailing really works is by utilizing the various tools that improve bulk-messaging. 

There are a lot of amazing tools and platforms to use, but making a shortlist of how the best apps and platforms work is a good start. 

4.1. Tools that Help

Bulk messenger tools can often cost a lot and are limited to a specific function. 

Multi-functional SaaS platforms such as allow for everything from bulk-emailing to advertising affiliate management, web-publishing, and customizable sales funnels

Integrating this with Google Analytics is imperative. 

You might also want to consider dedicated bulk-messengers like MailChimp

These allow for great template design but not for free! 

Think out of the box when it comes to things like online advertising, social media campaigns, and sales funnels. 

ShortStack is a great program for finding ways to automate your online campaigns. 

This way, you can set up all your online advertising, and monitor things in one place. 

While most social media platforms are a bit precautious about them, scrapers can be really useful when gathering leads. 

Software like DuxSoup helps to copy the details from social media profiles after you define your search parameter results. 

These apps then grab all that data and summarize it into an excel spreadsheet for you to add to your email list. 

Remember, when you’re messaging over 15,000 people a day - you’ll want to know you’ve got fresh leads coming constantly! 

5. Conclusion

The mass email is still one of the most tried and trusted methods of online marketing around today. 

There are countless ways to unlock greater yields from your email lists and in turn, more ROI. 

You need to remember, this is a process and a routine. 

By staying consistent you build awareness. 

By being creative, you can stand out more. By being enticing, you’ll help convert more sales

It’s cheap, trustworthy, and logical

So if you haven’t considered the benefits of mass email marketing yet, I hope this article has piqued your interest. 

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