8 Ways to Build a High-Converting Email List 


Email marketing is an excellent method to build up your consumer base.

Using email marketing makes it easier for brands to engage with their entire consumer list simultaneously.

Email marketing allows you to increase your lead generation by building an email list and secure conversions by using email campaigns.

We’re not the only ones who put this marketing tactic on a pedestal

73% of marketers consider email marketing a fantastic marketing channel. 

That statistic is higher than both SEO and paid Ads (as marketing mediums.)

These facts emphasize how important it is for your brand to execute this form of digital marketing.

Chances are, you’re reading this article because you’re new to the digital world, and you’re trying to grasp the mechanics of email marketing.

If there’s one piece of advice I could give you before we start this article: 

You’re on the right track. 

If you’re looking for ways to boost brand awareness, it’s undoubtedly email marketing.

However, there’s not much you can do with this information until you’ve learned how to build an email list, let’s get into that!

1.  What is email marketing?

email marketing

Email marketing is an effective form of digital marketing

To practice email marketing, you first need to build an email list. 

An email list refers to a collection of email addresses of your consumers.

Using this form of marketing, brands can promote their products, increase brand awareness, and nurture their consumer-to-brand relationship. 

Email marketing is one of the best marketing strategies which can yield outstanding results. 

The greatest aspect of this marketing medium is that it isn’t all too difficult to get started.

2. Advantages of using email marketing

When a visitor enters your business’ website, looks around, and leaves without making a purchase, how can you keep that visitor as a potential lead?

Through email marketing! 

Whether people only visit your site or visit your site and make a purchase, try to stay in contact with them.

Visitors who’ve purchased nothing?

By harnessing the power of email marketing, you can send them persuasive email campaigns to win them over.

Visitors who’ve purchased something?

Email marketing allows you to keep these consumers interested in your brand which grows brand loyalty.

It’s never good for consumers to support your brand and disappear right afterward. 

The more reasons you give consumers to be loyal to your business, the more profit your business will generate.

Brand loyalty forms an enormous part of a businesses’ revenue, and communicating with your consumers is a great way to achieve this.

Let’s take another look at marketing to visitors who don’t purchase.

By regularly (but not too much, nobody enjoys being spammed) sending these consumers engaging newsletters and alluring promotions from your brand, your chances of converting them from a lead to a sale are now likely.


By not using email marketing, your brand could lose out on an abundance of potential sales. 

As an entrepreneur, I’m positive that’s not what you want. So, let’s discuss a few methods for building an email list.

3. Use Landing Pages 

Want to build an email list quickly?

Excellent landing pages are your answer!

Landing pages are static pages which have one primary purpose:

Transform visitors into leads. 

A landing page needs to include a form that offers your visitors something in return for their email address. 

This “something” I’m referring to can be anything promotional, such as free shipping.

Here are examples of landing pages:

landing page
landing pages

For your understanding, if your landing page has any other distractions other than lead generation, it’s not a landing page.

The process a landing page follows is simple:

Consumers click on a call-to-action that takes them to your landing page. The consumer fills out the form (opt-in) that now makes them a lead. 

You then have their email address from the form, which you can add to your email list.

Learning how to build high-converting landing pages will become more natural as you delve deeper into digital marketing.

4. Lead magnets to increase your consumer list

Using lead magnets is a great way to build an email list.

What is a lead magnet?

These are incentives you would give your visitors in return for their email address. 

The incentive would need to be something desirable to your visitors, such as eBooks, guides, toolkits. 

Your lead magnet must be aligned with what your brand offers.

For example, if you’re selling teddy bears, your lead magnet can’t be kitchen equipment. 

In this case, your lead magnet would need to be something that convinces your visitors to buy teddy bears. 

For example, an eBook on the history of teddy bears.

lead magnet

4.1. Here are a few tips for a great lead magnet:

  • It’s valuable; visitors would want it
  • Consumers can receive it quickly 
  • Easily digestible content 
  • Make sure it’s evergreen content

By applying a great lead magnet tactic, you’ll be raising brand awareness and encouraging consumer engagement.

5. Start using pop-ups 

We’re discussing pop-ups straight after lead magnets because the two can work hand-in-hand

Static signup forms require the visitor to act out of their own will. However, using pop-ups is a lot less passive than that


5.1. Using the right tools, you can set your form to pop-up after various actions such as:

  • At specific times
  • When a visitor has been on the website for some time
  • After a visitor has navigated through several pages
  • When a visitor is ready to leave your site

Pop-ups quickly grab the user’s attention, and with the right amount of clear, vibrant features, can convert that visitor into a lead. 

You can offer lead magnets using pop-ups or any other promotions such as discounts, free shipping. 

6. Add an email field to your checkout page 

If you’re selling a digital product, you have the opportunity of adding an email field to your checkout page.

This is a highly effective marketing medium for building an email list. 

Your consumers are already purchasing a product from you, and chances are they want to know about sales, discounts, and promotions your brand will offer. 

I got a coupon!

You can get results from this method by enabling a tick box for consumers to check if they’d like to receive your newsletters. 

Giving your consumers an idea of what kind of content they’ll receive through your call-to-action is also a great way to get them on your email list.

7. Web Hosting to increase Brand Awareness


Hosting a webinar is an ideal way to strengthen brand-to-consumer engagement and increase your sales while building your email list.

The primary reason why web hosting is a stellar way to build an email list is that attendees need to register for the webinar using their email addresses.

Hosting a webinar also allows you to provide more context on your brand and convince your audience to make a purchase.

Start doing your homework to find a fantastic web hosting platform that can work wonders for you. 

There are many which offer automated webinars.

Automated webinars are pre-recorded webinars that you can play at any time. 

These webinars save you time as you can record your webinars in advance and play them whenever you want to.

8. Decorate your social media bios with a call-to-action

Something I always say, and I’m going to say again: Social media is a GREAT marketing medium for your brand.

Not only does social media boost brand awareness, but you have access to an enormous stream of clients globally. 

If there is any place you want to be adding call-to-action features, it's without question on your social media bios

 social media bio

Provided your call-to-action is compelling, when consumers visit your social media page, they'll click on your link and be directed to your landing page

When it comes to social media, exhaust it as much as possible. 

Add persuasive call-to-action features on every social media platform you have. 

Make sure that your posts always contain a channel for users to give you their email addresses. 

For example, a user sees your post and clicks on the call-to-action feature that takes them to your landing page.

Alternatively, you share a blog post from your website. 

The user clicks on it and is directed to your website where they’re welcomed by a pop-up. 

Get creative! 

There are so many ways to build an email list on social media! 

9. Building your list offline is another marketing medium

Just because you’re a digital business, doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to digital marketing exclusively!

Networking is a huge part of marketing. Through speaking to people about your brand, you can convince them to support you. 

9.1. Here a few ways you can build an email list offline:

  • Host meetings for people in your industry and have a registration form with an email column
  • Share your business cards with potential consumers
  • Get an email sign-up app 
  • Go to networking events for people in your industry 

Although digital marketing is a much quicker and effective marketing medium, offline marketing can also make an impact. 

I wouldn’t recommend offline marketing be your primary method, but it’s one you should implement regularly

10. Get an Email Marketing Tool

The software you choose massively influences your email list.

There is a swarm of email marketing software out there, all trying to offer features better than the last.

Choosing software can be a tricky business, but after enough research, you’ll quickly figure out which one best suits your business. 

10.1. Aspects to consider when choosing an email marketing tool:


You don’t want to overpay for software. 

The price is the most important aspect to consider. 

Smaller businesses don’t need a long list of features. 

It would be advisable to go with a plan that offers you just enough of everything you’ll need. 

What features you’ll have access to

Make a list of features you’ll ideally need for email marketing. 

For example, if you want to host webinars, try to find an email marketing tool that offers a webinar feature. 

Customer support

Checking out Google reviews will quickly tell you if an email marketing platform is any good or not. 

This information is essential to know so you can receive help efficiently. 

Ease of use

If you’re new to email marketing, don’t opt for a super-intricate tool. Using and navigating your tool should be easy. 

As you become more comfortable with email marketing, you can always upgrade your plan or opt for more complex software.


Your analytics will reveal the performance of your email campaigns, and if your receivers are still interested in your content. 

You need to ensure you can survey all the relevant information

Your email marketing tool has to offer in-depth reporting because of this.

Now that you understand what to look for in an email marketing tool, let’s talk about a few of the best email marketing software which ticks all those boxes. 

10.2.  Top email marketing tools 

10.2.1. Systeme.io 

Systeme.io logo

systeme.io logo

This excellent SaaS app is perfect for email marketing. 

Systeme.io offers features that benefit various businesses. 

As systeme.io is an all-encompassing platform, you can execute every aspect of your marketing using just this one tool. 

The most impressive aspect about this tool is that it’s eminently economical.

Choosing a tool that only executes email marketing means you'll have to use more tools for different marketing purposes. 

You may find that using a range of different software will become costly and confusing.

However, opting for a tool like systeme.io equips you with everything you need at an affordable price (starting with as little as $0 per month!) with the added benefit of being beginner-friendly

10.2.2. MailChimp 

MailChimp logo

MailChimp logo

MailChimp is a renowned email marketing tool that has been around for quite a while. 

This tool is devoted to email marketing services and offers its users a range of attractive features.

You can start on a free plan with this software. However, as soon as you hit 2000 subscribers, you must upgrade to a paid plan. 

MailChimp is straightforward to get acquainted with, and you’ll have all the features you need for successful email marketing.

As a member, you’ll also receive exceptional customer service

However, MailChimp becomes very pricey as your list size increases. 

As your business grows, MailChimp's pricing might not be ludicrous, but it's not budget-friendly either. 

10.2.3. GetResponse 

GetResponse logo

GetResponse logo

Amongst marketers and businesses alike this is a favored tool. 

GetResponse has a very reasonable pricing structure and also offers users a free 30-day trial.

Their template designs are evergreen and easy on the eyes. 

You’ll also find that GetResponse offers an array of refined features. 

It’s easy to find your way around their unique tools and features

Although members will have to pay an additional price for their landing page builder (few tools offer this so, one can’t argue).

10.2.4. Aweber 

Aweber logo

Aweber has been in the email marketing game for some time and offers its users many powerful features to become an email marketing PRO.

This tool also has a free plan until you hit 500 subscribers, you would then need to upgrade your plan. 

Upgrading won’t cost an arm and a leg, as Aweber has a cost-friendly pricing structure.

As a member, you’ll have access to many excellent templates and outstanding customer service. 

The only downside of Aweber is that they need to improve the functionality and reliability of some of their tools. 

11. Maintaining your email list

With all the knowledge you now have for building an email list, we can examine how you can maintain your email list.

Maintaining your email list is crucial as you want to deploy a marketing strategy that is as perfect as possible.

Not maintaining your email list will cause you to fall behind on your consumers’ trends and preferences.

Here are a few tips on how to maintain your email list:

  • Keep your email list neat. Remove receivers who haven’t opened or received your email campaigns in a while. 
  • Put effort into regaining the interest of consumers who have lost interest in your content.
  • Make unsubscribing easy. Consumers shouldn’t feel obligated to receive your content. 
  • Ask questions to receive feedback from your email list. You can do this through surveys, polls, or asking questions on your unsubscribe page. 
  • Use A/B testing to figure out which of your email campaigns are performing the best. 
  • Always market valuable content.
  • Keep updated with your reports and analytics constantly to identify where you need to make changes.

12. Conclusion 

Email marketing is a great way to raise brand awareness and build a reliable consumer list.

Through email marketing, brands can communicate and grow their business in ways that weren’t possible a few years ago. 

Now we have access to outstanding software and tools, making email marketing possible for any entrepreneur. 

Building an email list can be very challenging and may prove to take some time. However, that is how most things in digital marketing work. 

Some of you may be super lucky and build an email list over a short period, but for others, it might take a little longer.

Regardless of which category you fall under, building an email list comes down to effort and hard work.

The more you think innovatively and from the perspective of your consumers, the easier it will be to create content that appeals to them.

Any successful marketer who knows what’s what will tell you that email marketing is truly one of the best marketing mediums around. 

That's it

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