The 8 cheapest ClickFunnels alternatives

Cheap ClickFunnels Alternative

If you are looking for a comprehensive review of the cheapest alternatives to ClickFunnels, then you have come to the right place

Perhaps you are searching for a different product due to functionality, or maybe you are even considering a cheaper alternative that functions just as well.

Without question, ClickFunnels is one of the most expensive products on the market. In general, you tend to get what you pay for. 

However, that is not always the case. Other than the rich functionality of ClickFunnels, it’s an expensive option, particularly for bootstrap marketers and startups.

1. How Much Does ClickFunnels Cost?

ClickFunnels is a tool that allows you to easily create sales funnels using their drag-and-drop interface. For marketers and business owners with a ton of resources, ClickFunnels is a great product that compares to market leaders.

But if your budget is a bit light, the starting package price of $97 might scare you away.

Not only do you have to invest in ClickFunnels, but you also have to pick up a separate autoresponder for your email lists to unlock its full capabilities under a basic plan. 

So, in addition to the price you pay for ClickFunnels, you then have to take on the monthly or yearly subscription cost of a separate email marketing system.

You can add email functionality to ClickFunnels, but again, it’s going to cost you.

ClickFunnels on a monthly plan with email marketing starts at $297 per month. 

Now, in their defense, they do offer a free, 14-day trial so you can test-drive their product before making a full financial commitment to their system. Even so, the initial surprise of ClickFunnels’ price is enough to also deter people from a free trial.

That has to tell you something about how expensive ClickFunnels is perceived to be.

You are likely wondering if there are other solutions on the market that can deliver a similar quality service as ClickFunnels without the sticker shock. Here are a few alternatives you might want to consider if you fall into this category:


try-systemeio tops our list of the cheapest ClickFunnels alternatives.

It’s an innovative sales funnel solution that offers unique features to their growing fan base. focuses on managing online courses while promoting them under multiple domain names.

The standalone solution allows you to easily control the appearance and functionality of your website using their drag and drop builder to assist you in the pursuit of a profitable sales funnel. 

Since it is online course-specific, you know that no stone is going unturned when using It also utilizes automation, including email marketing, analytics, and course enrollment. 

If you are promoting any type of online course, you know how much these features can save you time and money.

Pricing for Starting at $27/month is the second cheapest alternative to ClickFunnels on this list, but it does not skimp on the details. Additional diverse features of include:

  • Custom landing pages for course enrollment
  • A lucrative affiliate program for the product’s loudest fans
  • Custom domain names for branding purposes
  • A database for contacts that offers key insight
  • Dashboards that offer a bird’s-eye view of your campaigns’ progress· Custom domain names for branding purposes

With a price this good and features so robust, you can’t help but wonder how you haven’t stumbled upon in the first place. It’s an excellent choice when you are searching for the cheapest ClickFunnels alternative.

3. Builderall



Builderall is a close second when it comes to offering a cheap ClickFunnels alternative. 

Not only does it offer a lot of the same features as ClickFunnels, but it also has an explosive pack of templates (in the thousands!) to get you started on marketing your brand in a unique way.

After all, who wants to look like everyone else using similar templates and default color schemes?

With all of these options, you might not believe how low Builder All prices its service. Are you ready?

Price for Builderall: Starting at $29.90 (No Free Trial)

BuilderAll offers one of the cheapest ClickFunnels alternatives on the market. Plus, they have great support and a ton of resources. Aside from a great price, it’s feature-rich including:

  • a built-in autoresponder
  • unlimited funnels and channels
  • unlimited funnel visits
  • unlimited email marketing

Builderall offers a reasonable price point for businesses and marketers who are just starting out and need a sales boost.

They also offer an affiliate program for collaborators who convert from customers into fans. You will do well to take Builderall on as your next sales funnel management tool.

4. HubSpot Landing Pages

HubSpot Landing Pages

HubSpot is a great free alternative to ClickFunnels. 

Not only can you easily build landing pages for your campaigns, but you also get a ton more business tools that work seamlessly together, for free.

With HubSpot, you can easily create landing pages in minutes using the pre-designed templates and drag-and-drop builder to get the design you want. 

The templates are custom-made for different industries and content offers.

The true power of HubSpot’s landing page tool comes from the native integration with the HubSpot free CRM. 

Any lead you capture via your landing pages will be automatically added and tracked inside the CRM, where you will get a complete log of all the interactions your new contacts have with your business. 

You can then use that information to send personalized emails to them or even customize the content that they see on your website pages.

With HubSpot, you get much more than just a landing page builder; you get a complete set of tools to run your campaigns.

Additional features of HubSpot include:

  • A free CRM with unlimited contacts
  • An email marketing tool
  • A form and popup builder
  • Live chat and bots
  • Integrates with WordPress and many other popular tools

You can start building up to twenty landing pages for free, collect unlimited contacts and send up to 2,000 emails per month, making it easy to get started on a budget.

Paid plans start at $50/month.

When you upgrade your HubSpot plan, you’ll unlock additional features for their entire marketing platform, which includes content personalization, a/b testing, and advanced automation.

5. Thrive Architect


Thrive Architect

While Thrive Architect is not a standalone service, it is worth mentioning in this list. Thrive Architect is a WordPress plugin that provides you with a visual way to build landing pages like ClickFunnels.

The good news with Thrive Architect is that you are not required to sign up for a monthly subscription. Instead, you purchase the plugin one time and have access to its functionality for the life of your website.

Pretty great, huh? Not to mention, it’s pretty cost-efficient, too.

Since Thrive Architect requires you to host your own website, the ‘no monthly commitment’ assertion isn’t entirely accurate.

You have to purchase a domain name and then buy a Wordpress hosting package. The average monthly cost can run you between $30 and $40 a month.

Price for Thrive Architect: Starting at $67 (Lifetime, no free trial)

Thrive Architect is known as being a solid choice in terms of cheapest ClickFunnels alternatives for WordPress. 

However, you may find it easier to purchase a standalone product since you won’t have to maintain a WordPress website, which includes updating plugins, scripting languages, and themes.

The plugin developer only offers one year of support for the plugin. You must repurchase the license to receive developer-side support the following year. Otherwise you are left to community resources like Warrior Forums.

While Thrive Architect isn’t as comprehensive as ClickFunnels, it is packed with rich features that anyone should consider when looking for a sales funnel jumping-off point at a low monthly cost. 

Also, when you are trying to gain a strong foothold in your market, it can be the very thing that tips you into success.

6. LeadPages 



LeadPages is another good cheapest ClickFunnels alternative. It’s also a favorite among marketers because of its flexibility, built-in templates, and ease of use. While it’s a little bit different than ClickFunnels, LeadPages is essentially the same thing.

In LeadPages, you can set up landing pages with opt-in and purchase functionality. The pre-design templates are perfect for multiple industries and have customizable features so you can perfect your brand’s image the way you see it in your mind’s eye. 

Plus, you don’t have to stop at a few pages, LeadPages lets you create as many as you can handle.

Additional features of LeadPages include:

  • User-friendly interface and dashboards
  • Drag and drop page builder
  • More economical
  • Can integrate with WordPress
  • Integrates with multiple affiliates

You see, ClickFunnels limits your traffic under the premium plan. LeadPages does not. That’s reassurance and peace of mind that money simply cannot buy

Price for LeadPages: Starting at $25 (7-day free trial)

Not only do you have unlimited access to your sales funnels, but you are utilizing the knowledge their own developers have put into the process. If you appreciate their work, LeadPages might be the cheapest ClickFunnels alternative for you.

 7. InstaBuilder 



InstaBuilder is a bit of a darling in the sales funnel world. Like Thrive Architect, it is a WordPress plug with drag and drop functionality, but with a much lower price tag. 

Again, to be fair, you do have to buy a domain and host your website. But if you are doing that anyway, then there really isn’t much of an added expense. 

InstaBuilder is a product that offers multiple licensing options. But here’s the real draw, its developers focused on mobile functionality. 

If you are in an industry that requires the best interface in mobile responsiveness, then InstaBuilder is your best bet when it comes to cheapest ClickFunnels alternatives.

You can create your own templates or use their suite of built-in options.

Pricing for InstaBuilder: Starting at $37/year

Features of InstaBuilder include:

  • Fully-integrated with WordPress
  • Quickly create custom landing pages
  • Turns any website into a responsive masterpiece

The company offers a 60-day, no questions asked money-back guarantee in case this isn’t the product for you. 

Just keep in mind that you may have to deal with your hosting and website company to eradicate those charges as well.

8. 10Minute Funnels

10minute Funnels

10minute Funnels

If you have ever heard of 10Minute Funnels, you will be delighted to hear that they made our top list of cheapest ClickFunnels alternatives

Not only does 10Minute Funnels offer similar functionality to ClickFunnels, it also contains features that ClickFunnels can’t even touch. In addition to landing pages, 10Minute Funnels can help you build entire websites.

It’s one-stop-shop solutions for marketing managers or business owners who want to keep their efforts in one central location. 

Solo practitioners and freelancers seem to like 10Minute Funnels, too. If you aren’t managing large teams that must communicate companywide, you might find that 10Minute Funnels works excellent for you.

Aside from specialized services, 10Minute Funnels does not require you to purchase additional services from WordPress or other hosting sites. It’s self-contained and ready to go out of the box.

Pricing for 10Minute Funnels $97/moth (with a 14-day free trial)

10Minute Funnels offers one type of subscription. With it, you can keep your marketing efforts in one location, created unlimited pages, build websites quickly, and keep your mobile views responsive. In short, it’s a pretty decent product.

9. Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes is not a standalone product like ClickFunnels. However, it’s a cheaper alternative to ClickFunnels that does not require a monthly subscription fee. 

It’s a plugin that you can incorporate into WordPress. You can still create attracting landing and web pages to start growing your business that is far superior to the competition.

Thrive Themes tries to remain flexible by allowing you to create pages from scratch or start with their impressive list of templates contained within the program.

Pricing for Thrive Theme: $67 (one-time purchase)

Thrive Themes is an economical option that offers rich functionality, including unlimited opt-in forms, analytics to create engaging content and direct publish to WordPress capabilities. 

You won’t feel like you are missing out on anything when it comes to this cheap alternative to ClickFunnels.

10. Conclusion

Without a doubt, ClickFunnels is a great product that offers its users a ton of features. Unfortunately, no single solution provides it all. 

Plus, ClickFunnels is known for its hefty price tag which means that not every business can afford its full potential. And that’s okay. There are plenty of alternatives out there, including:

  • BuilderAll
  • HubSpot
  • Thrive Architect
  • LeadPages
  • InstaBuilder
  • 10Minute Funnels
  • Thrive Theme

The one that you choose depends upon your needs as a business owner or marketer. They all offer a large degree of sales funnel management without having to spend hundreds of dollars every month.

You still have access to task automation, email marketing, templates, page builders, and analytics. The only difference is that they measure their metrics differently due to specialized industry and market knowledge.

If you are thinking of deploying an online course and want to achieve the best results possible, consider using We offer you the features you need to successfully promote your next online course without all the headache.

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