Convertkit Pricing 2020: Is Convertkit Worth It?

Convertkit Pricing 2020

There are so many digital marketing platforms out there that say they will change your life and turn you into a millionaire in a matter of days

You have programs like Clickfunnels, Kajabi, Market Hero, and more.

The main thing you’re looking for when searching for a platform is one that offers everything all in one place.

With Convertkit, that’s what you get. You’re not only getting an email marketing software or a funnel builder

You’re getting everything in one software, which I see becoming a lot more popular over the past few years.

People might wonder, “how expensive is Convertkit?” or “is Convertkit worth it?” 

I understand your concerns, and in this Convertkit review, I’m going to touch on all of those points. 

By the time you finish this review, you’ll know if Convertkit is the right choice for you and how to choose a pricing plan that works for your needs.

1. Convertkit pricing 2020

Convertkit pricing

First, let me say that Convertkit’s pricing is incredibly simple. 

They only offer two plans, and the second plan you scale up based on how many email subscribers you have.

1.1. Free plan: $0 per month

  • Unlimited, customizable CTAs & signup forms
  • 30+ premium landing page templates
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Customizable domain setup
  • Mobile responsive designs
  • Seamless Unsplash integration

1.2. Complete plan: $29 per month for up to 1,000 subscribers

  • Unlimited, customizable CTAs & signup forms
  • 30+ premium landing page templates
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Customizable domain setup
  • Mobile responsive designs
  • Seamless Unsplash integration
  • Manage 1,000 subscribers
  • Send email broadcasts
  • Subscriber tagging
  • Reporting
  • Visual automation funnels
  • Automated email sequences
  • 90+ direct integrations
  • API
  • Creator community
  • Premium support
  • Free migration from another tool

This plan’s price will increase as you increase the subscriber amount

For example, if I change the slider to 25,000, it goes up to $199 per month

It jumps quickly, and the price gets high pretty fast, but I like the fact that they let you scale your business.

For 1,000 subscribers, $29 per month is pretty low, and they have a free plan as well. 

They’re giving you an opportunity to make some money from your list and use Convertkit to build up some capital before you go deep into the higher-paying options.

Plus, you get all the benefits no matter what price you’re paying, the only thing changing is the number of subscribers you can have.

Let’s talk about some of these features to see if they’re worth the price tag.

Convertkit features

2. Unlimited, customizable CTA forms

drag and drop builder

Convertkit's builder

For this, Convertkit allows you to create CTA forms for your emails so you can try to convert your traffic into paying customers or clients. 

You can make as many of these as you want, and they’re easy to customize with a simple drag and drop builder.

3. 30+ premium landing page templates

landing page templates

If you’re doing email marketing, you need a way to collect their email, and your landing page will do that job. 

They provide you with more than 30 landing page templates to get you started

You also get to edit and customize these with a drag and drop builder that makes it easy for everyone regardless of your level of experience

The templates are a bit dry and could use a revamp, but for a simple email capture form, they should get the job done.

4. Unlimited traffic

Unlimited traffic

Traffic is the people that run through your sales funnel and landing pages. 

Convertkit allows you to send as many people through here as you want so you can try to convert them into email subscribers. 

Understand that this refers to cold or warm traffic, this is not your subscribers. 

Once they become a subscriber, they become 1 of the 1,000 you get at the $29 price range.

5. Customizable domain setup

Convertkit will help you set up a domain for your funnels and landing pages, so you look more professional. 

Unfortunately, they don’t provide you with a premium domain so you’ll have something that looks like this unless you buy one yourself.

You’ll want to purchase a real domain because no one will trust your business unless you do. You can leave it like that while you’re setting everything up, though.

6. Subscriber tagging

Subscriber tagging

This feature is important because it’s something you will use at a semi-advanced level

When you tag a subscriber, it allows you to segment the audience you’re marketing to when you build your list.

For example, let’s say you have list A and list B.

List A: these people subscribed through a Facebook post about your cooking blog, where you shared a personal story about reasons you went vegan for a few years.

List B: these people came in from an instructional YouTube video on how to cook the perfect steak.

You might want to break up this audience because list A has an interest in veganism, and list B wants to cook a steak

Perhaps you’ll approach list A with more vegan or vegetarian recipes and content.

Makes sense, right?

So when you tag someone, you’re putting them into their own smaller list so you can provide them with a more personalized marketing experience.

7. Visual automation funnels

Automation is a huge part of building an online business because eventually, you’ll have to replace yourself. 

Visual automation funnels help you get an idea of how the subscribers will move through your sales process and become buyers.

You can set up triggers that target certain tags in your list and provide them with the most personalized content possible.

8. Automated email sequences

Automated email sequences

In the beginning, it might not seem like a big deal, but if you have an email list, you realize you cannot email everyone yourself or even want to set up the emails that will go out each day or week. 

You’ll want to get this all set up ahead of time, and when someone subscribes to you, they receive emails automatically that move them through your funnel.

Convertkit helps you do that by setting up automated sequences where you can put in the list you want to market to and create a 10, 20, 30, or more day process where you schedule out all your emails and get it all ready ahead of time.

Then, each day when you have it scheduled, Convertkit will send the email for you.

9. How does their pricing compare to competitors?

Let’s talk about some of Convertkit’s competitors. 

Overall, this software is incredibly cheap by my standards, but the cost will start to rise quickly as you build a larger email list

Of course, it’s your goal to build the list as much as you can, so you’ll want to keep in mind how that will impact the cost.

One thing I like about how they structure their pricing is it allows you to grow your business and scale naturally without having to pay a lot of money upfront. 

That is a major upside to this software.

The downside is, to get to 100,000 subscribers, you’ll have to pay $679 per month

Hopefully, by that point, you have enough revenue coming through to accommodate the high price tag. 

Let’s take a look at some of the competitors.

9.1. pricing pricing

With, the main advantage of the pricing is simplicity

You pay $27 per month for the starter package, and that gives you up to 5000 email subscribers

For 5,000 subs on Convertkit, you would have to pay $79 per month. When you’re starting a new business, that extra $50 matters.

Plus, gives you everything that Convertkit offers as well

You also get three membership sites, unlimited funnels, and unlimited emails.

9.2. Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels pricing

Clickfunnels pricing

These guys are the big name in funnel building right now, and like paying for a brand name, you’ll pay a lot to get rolling with Clickfunnels

No matter what package you want, you’re left with one offer for $97 that gives you pretty much everything you’ll need

The step up from there takes you to $297 a month, but you won’t need that if you’re starting out.

Clickfunnels allows you to build an email list, market to them, build funnels, and landing pages

The problem is, Clickfunnels doesn’t have an integrated CRM, so that means you need to pay for another service like MailChimp for cheap or ActiveCampaign for something more advanced.

9.3. Mailchimp

Mailchimp pricing

Mailchimp pricing

Now, if you’re looking to keep things simple and you only want an email marketing tool, you could go for Mailchimp

This software is great for beginners who are looking to build an email list and market to them directly through email

The problem with Mailchimp is that you don’t get much else besides email and email automation.

There are no funnels, no landing pages, no CTA templates

So, you would have to purchase another tool to integrate with Mailchimp anyway, which will make Mailchimp seem unnecessary since you could pay for one product somewhere else and get everything that Mailchimp offers.

Mailchimp is free to get started, and you get 2,000 contacts, templates, CRM, and custom domains.

10. How to choose a plan

If you’re sitting there wondering how to choose a payment plan for your business, it’s rather simple because you only have two options depending on the size of your list.

For those of you who already have an email list, you’ll want to bypass the free plan and go straight to the “complete” option because you’ll already have some traffic and revenue flowing from your list.

11. What types of businesses can use Convertkit?

Anyone really. 

If you are in a business that needs an email list for marketing, you will have a use for Convertkit

The software is useful for any type of business, no matter what size as well. 

Again, that’s part of what makes their payment strategy so smart. 

If you have an email list of 10 or 10,000, you’ll be able to get started with Convertkit and find a payment plan that works for you as you grow your business.

One interesting thing about Convertkit is they have an affiliate type program that allows you to get the service for free. It’s almost like a network marketing opportunity. 

If you invite your friends to join Convertkit using your link, you and that person can grow a list to 100 subscribers for free.

12. Convertkit pricing FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Convertkit and its services.

Q: Does Convertkit have a free trial?

A: Yes, Convertkit has a 14-day free trial, so you can try it before you buy it. 

They don’t require a credit card, so when the trial is up, you’ll have the choice to add your card or stop using the software.

Q: How do you upgrade your plan?

A: They’ve done something really smart here

So, as you grow your business and your subscriber list as soon as you hit the mark and go over the limit, they automatically upgrade you to the next package price. It takes a lot of the thinking out of the process.

Q: What if you lose subscribers and go under the subscriber plan?

A: As of right now, they don’t have a way to automatically lower your plan down so you’ll have to reach out to their customer service and they will help with that.

Q: How many emails can you send with Convertkit?

A: They do not have any limits for the number of emails you can send with Convertkit

They are unlimited, no matter what package payment plan you’re on.

Q: Can you switch to Convertkit if you already have an email list somewhere else?

A: Yes, they have free mitigations so you can fill out the form, and they will move all your subscribers over the previous provider to your new one.

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