Dan Lok’s Net Worth in 2021: How Much Does Dan Lok Make?  

Dan Lok

Dan Lok 

Over the past decade, there has been a steady rise in the number of multimillionaires, thanks to the internet. 

One of the few breakout success stories to come out of this digital age is that of Dan Lok.

With over a dozen failed businesses under his belt, his story of perseverance in the face of adversity. 

Today, the Chinese-Canadian is a multimillionaire and wears a variety of hats

He’s an internet marketer, a serial entrepreneur, an international motivational speaker, a bestselling author, a business mentor, and a member of YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization), which aims to create better leaders through peer learning

Dan Lok is also a world-renowned educator known for being the founder and chair of Closers.com

Closers is a leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company that connects businesses with the top sales talent in the world

When he’s not running his multiple businesses or consulting, you can find the two-time TEDx speaker vlogging on YouTube or on his talk show where he features other tycoons.


In fact, Dan Lok yearns for the stage because it’s a platform where he can share his wealth of experience and knowledge on business and finance with thousands, if not millions of people. 

He’s thought-provoking views on business and finance make him one of the most sought after media personalities

Over the years, Lok’s has gained an enormous following, press and media coverage. 

He’s been featured in a variety of mainstream networks, including Fox Business News, MSNBC, ABC, and CBS as well as major publications such as CNBC, Entrepreneur, Jetset Magazine, Barnes & Noble, and even Forbes

Dan Lok went from being neck-deep in debt to picking up trash to becoming a multimillionaire by the young age of 30 with an estimated net worth of $81 M.

Despite facing incredible odds, he was able to endure the struggle and achieve greatness; here’s a summary of how Dan Lok's huge net worth came to be.

Dan lok

1. Lok’s early life and family

Dan Lok's family

Dan Lok's family

Dan was born on the 24th of November, 1981, in Hong Kong, as an only child. 

At the age of 14, Lok’s parents divorced before he and his mother made a move from Hong Kong to Vancouver, leaving his father, M. Lok, back in China, where he continued to support them. 

Being a foreigner who couldn’t speak an ounce of English, it took Lok and his mother a while to adapt to the culture, and they eventually managed to overcome the language barrier. 

Life was hard, and being one out of only 3 Asian kids in his school didn’t make his school days any easier. 

Bullies honed in on him like a missile to its target, and for him to survive, Dan Lok became adept at being invisible so he can get through his high school days and survive

He still remembers how he would quickly rush home once the bell rang to avoid making eye contact or looking at anyone

It wasn’t perfect, but everything was going okay. Little did Lok and his mom know that things would take a turn for the worst.

Their dream of a better life quickly turned sour when Lok’s father filed for bankruptcy and was no longer able to support him and his mother at the young age of 16

2. A turning point

Lok vividly remembers coming home to find his mother on the phone with his dad before she burst into tears

He quickly found out their current financial situation, and the look of despair and hopelessness on Lok’s mother’s face broke his heart

It was the first time he saw his mother in such a light, and that’s when he vowed that he'd do whatever it took so he’ll never see that look on his mother’s face again.

That was the spark that ignited the entrepreneurial spirit in Dan Lok and drove him to succeed eventually

That was the day he decided that he will make something of himself from then onwards. 

They decided to stay in Canada and moved into a small 1-bedroom apartment to be able to manage the cost of living better

Because his mother had little to no work experience, Dan decided to step up and work part-time and got a job bagging groceries in one of the local supermarkets

3. His first life-lesson

Lessons learned

While he wasn’t going to make a ton of money bagging groceries, it was necessary because that was when he learned one of his first life lessons — a lesson that would change his entire perception. 

Lok learned that he was unemployable since he didn’t like being bossed around

That was his first and last job — as far as traditional employment goes

4. Dan, the entrepreneur, is born

Dan Lok

Staying faithful to his vows — to succeed no matter what it took, Lok began to try out a variety of odd jobs as long as they paid

It didn’t matter what job it was, and he did everything from being a newspaper delivery boy to washing clothes to mowing lawns, etc. 

After getting his high school diploma, Dan Lok enrolled for a business course at Douglas College in Vancouver, Canada

While in college, Dan was able to rake up thousands of dollars in debt with his string of over a dozen failed business ideas in the three years he was there. 

He tried everything from day trading to a delivery service business to vending machines without success. 

At that point, he had maxed out his credit cards, borrowed from anyone and everyone, but he didn’t give up because he realized that he’s better off taking the entrepreneurial route no matter how long it took

5. Lok’s first taste of success

business idea

After having failed so many times, Dan Lok happened to open up a book called “Scientific Advertising” by Claude Hopkins and that's when he fell in love with marketing.

He soon came across Alan Jacque, a leading marketer who he wanted to study under as a mentee, but it wasn’t as easy as he thought

Dan had to visit Jacque's office for about a month, where he did everything possible to show his drive to succeed, including picking up any litter in the office before Alan Jacques finally hired him. 

He then dropped out of college to work for Jacques full-time for about a year

Lok remembers that year because he was able to learn everything he needed to know to launch his one-person marketing agency the next year successfully.

Fast-forward 12 months later, and Dan had helped his clients generate millions of dollars using his sales copy under the guidance of his mentor, Alan

By this time, the 22-year old Lok was paid $10,000 for each campaign and had a six-figure paycheck to boot. 

6. Other ventures

Dan Lok show

Dan Lok went on to found a variety of different businesses such as Quick Turn an international marketing company, Inner Circle, Emperor Group, he co-founded Charm Junction jewelers, and he even created the High Ticket Closer program. 

Other than his chain of successful online businesses, he’s also an acclaimed author having written over 15 books

Some of our favorite titles include: “F.U. Money,” “Unlock It,” The Midas Touch,” and “The Art of War for the New Millennium”. 

7. Bottom line

The road to success isn’t easy; it has its own share of slumps and bumps. 

However, if there’s one lesson we can learn from Dan Lok is that by sticking to your guns and doing the hard work, anyone can become successful

Think about it. 

If Dan Lok, an immigrant who couldn’t even speak English, was able to raise himself from the shadow of failed businesses ideas, debt, and unemployment to the heights of multi-millionaire with a net worth of over $81M, then you’ve got no reason not to succeed

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