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Launch Your Online Business in Just 7 Days

We can all use a mentor to find more success in our life.

Tai Lopez and Grant Cardone have built entire businesses around it, and so have many other business people and entrepreneurs.

One of the most notable and successful business coaches of all time is Dan Pena.

This man is known as the “trillion-dollar man” due to his incredible success and ability to help others grow quickly as well.

In total, his mentees have a combined net worth of over $6 trillion, which is incredible, talk about social proof.

He himself has a net worth of $450 million, which isn’t anything to bat your eyelashes at either.

The man is a visionary, and he's created unique methods and strategies to help you become more successful in business and life.

Let’s take a deep look into everything this man has to offer.

1. Dan Pena early life

Dan did not grow up wealthy, but he did see some public recognition as a child.

His father was a lead investigator in the Robert F. Kennedy assassination, but that was about it.

They lived in a military house with his father serving as the Lieutenant Commander for World War II and the Korean War before he turned to CIA operations.

Tough love was the main love of practice in their household. His dad was not afraid to treat the house like a military installation, and he held Dan to high standards at all times.

He grew up in East Los Angeles, where there was a lot of violence and crime in the 1950s, especially involving minorities.

Pena struggled with alcoholism, and he even spent several small periods in jail for underage drinking where his father would tell the officers to beat him up if they catch him misbehaving in public.

The high school years were not easy for Pena, but he eventually managed to pull his life together enough to attend San Fernando Valley State College in 1971.

Here he would graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

If Dan’s story teaches me anything, it’s that not everyone needs to have the typical childhood to find success in life.

Success grows in places where you don’t always think you’ll find it, and oftentimes, it’s a fire in your gut and drive in your soul that leads to tremendous success.

Many of the most successful people you hear about did not come from a great upbringing, and they battled with something at some point before finding their niche.

Here are some of Dan’s most noteworthy accomplishments:

  • More than $50 billion created by mentees and devotees since 1993, using QLA
  • $25 Billion in individual deals - not part of the $50 Billion created with mentees
  • Deals with multiple foreign governments, including Bank of England and the Vatican
  • Took his previous company, Great Western Resources' Inc. (GWRI) IPO up 20% when former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher's Jaguar privatization IPO was down on the same day
  • Thousands of businesses started, and CEOs created
  • Mentored a pizza boy into a movie producer in 6 years
  • Over 100,000 business decisions made
  • 1000 deals all over the world
  • Coached/Mentored mid manager to CEO of Global 25 company with 400k employees and $100 billion in revenue, in 7 years
  • Advisor to the Vatican and LA Police Protective League
  • Joined with C.I.A. to overthrow a hostile foreign government
  • Has been recognized as the best high-performance coach that has ever lived
  • Spoke for Oxford Entrepreneurs, Oxford University in 2016

2. Building on his education

Building on his education

Once he achieved his degree, he was able to take a small sum of $820 and turn it into a company worth over $450 million.

The name was Great Western Resources Inc, and they provided natural resources like offshore and onshore drilling.

The company also operated 22 coal mines throughout the 1980s.

He eventually sold that company and used the knowledge and expertise he achieved to start a consulting company called The Guthrie Group, which he still operates and serves as the Chairman of today.

3. Dan Pena’s castle

Dan Pena’s castle

One of the most notable achievements of Pena’s life was his purchase of Guthrie Castle in Angus, Scotland.

This 15th-century property was restored to meet modern needs, and he purchased it in 1984 from the Guthrie family.

He’s made a few upgrades and opened it to the public in 2003 as a wedding venue, but other than that, the castle has been relatively untouched for more than 400 years.

Pena is the only other person to live in this castle besides the Guthrie family, and it currently serves as his primary residence.

4. The QLA methodology (Quantum Leap Advantage)

The QLA methodology

One thing that proved difficult was finding any in-depth information about what you learn in Dan Pena’s QLA seminar.

They have everything locked down, and there aren’t a million reviews online about it like there are with a lot of other programs and seminars.

The goal of QLA is to help you produce wealth with little to no money in a short period of 6-8 years.

This is done using Dan's incredibly exclusive QLA seminar in his castle in Angus, Scotland. He only allows in 24 people in, and the seminar comes at a price of $25,000-30,000 per person.

What I was able to find was a QLA for dummies section that will cover a general overview of what you need to do to get yourself prepared to grow and become successful if you want to get into the seminar.

Here’s Dan’s QLA for dummies:

4.1. You can start by reading the following books to create a good foundation in your QLA process…

  • Dr. Spock's Baby and Childcare, if you have small kids
  • Listen to - Your First Hundred Million (Audio) found on my site
  • My 50 Billion Dollar Man's QLA eBook, found on my site
  • Think and Grow Rich– Napoleon Hill (highly recommend this book)
  • Release Your Brakes – James Newman

4.2. Get out of your comfort zone and away from conventional wisdom…

  • You still love your parents but move away from your parents as they screwed you up
  • Choose your friends wisely, as they are one of the reasons you are where you are
  • Surround yourself with high-performance people

4.3. Develop and maintain your Self Esteem…

  • Your doubts are not the product of accurate thinking but habitual thinking
  • Focus on the emotional bank account and how you build them
  • Instead of overthinking, learn to pull the trigger
  • Trust your guts

4.4. Setup bodacious goals and dream big…

  • Set goals that you think you will never achieve in your life
  • Always dream big, as this will drive you to push yourself further
  • Know that there are no limits to what you can do or achieve
  • Change a billion lives

4.5. Laser beam focus on the task at hand, avoid going back to default/comfort zone

  • Create affirmations that function as a reminder and, ultimately, a fact pattern
  • Recite your affirmation at least twice daily to remind yourself not to go back to default and continue to stretch you
  • Focus on the few not the many, don't waste time on things you can't change

4.6. Embody the QLA methodology (7 Steps to Super Success)

  • Creating your personal foundation for success
  • Clarify your vision – are you crystal clear?
  • Building the perception – perception is reality
  • Creating your dream team in business and life
  • Your quantum leap action plan
  • Pay yourself
  • Creating your exit strategy

4.7. Take the TEST – On-Site

  • Success Test
  • SnowFlake Test
  • Super Success Test

As you can see, Dan is not afraid to challenge the status quo by saying that your parents screwed you up and that you need to choose the right friends because they play a major role in the person you become.

After going through those seven steps, do you think that Dan has a strong outline for your success?

Overall, I think he is saying a lot of smart things there but nothing that any entrepreneur who has been in the space for a while hasn’t heard before.

We all know that we have to surround ourselves with high performers, be confident, focus on the things you can control, create affirmations, and dream bigger than we think we can achieve, so we fall within the realm of achievement.

These are not secrets, so I hope he offers a bit more than this in the actual QLA seminars.

5. Your First 100 Million: Dan Pena’s book

Your First 100 Million

Dan Pena’s book

One interesting fact is that his book is available in HTML format on his website, you don’t have to pay a dime.

He wrote this book during the recession, where he has seen many business and financial moguls crash and burn, Bernie Madoff is the most infamous of them all.

The book focuses on business acquisition, dream team building, and Quantum Leap expansion, and by the end of it, you should have a solid foundation in understanding how to perform those actions.

6. Dan Pena’s Tests

I was so excited to research these three tests because they interest me quite a bit, and judging by Pena’s character, I knew they would be interesting.

Let’s break down three of the tests he gives you in his QLA methodology.

6.1. Success test

Success test

Simply put, the success test will tell you based on your personality if you will be successful in life.

It only takes about two minutes, so I had to take it for myself to find out.

So as you can see, I scored pretty well.


I don’t understand how any of this has anything to do with becoming successful, but it’s more of those silly mindset tests you take online.

Overall, according to Dan Pena, I am on the right track mentally for success because I am not depressed, and I am optimistic enough to achieve things.

Let’s check out the next one.

6.2. Snowflake test

Snowflake test

So we always hear about this in today’s world.

Snowflakes are people who are too sensitive and get offended by everything someone says about them.

I think it’s true that the world is too sensitive, and we need to thicken our skin a bit, but let’s see if Dan Pena thinks I’m a snowflake.

As I’m taking this test, one of the questions is, “would you run towards gunfire?”

Obviously, my answer is no, and unless you’re in law enforcement or first response, I think that should be your answer, but of course, you know where that choice will get me.


My result is a hopeless snowflake, so apparently, I am weak, and my kids are screwed because I will raise them to be snowflakes as well.

Obviously, take this with a grain of salt if you decide to take the test because, for the most part, it’s complete bullcrap and no different than all those silly personality tests you take online.

It’s all part of Dan’s personality and direct attitude.

It seems like QLA follows a strategy of tearing you down to build you back up so you can become new.

7. Final thoughts

Overall, out of all the entrepreneurs and high-performance coaches I have read about, watched, and researched, Dan Pena is the most unique for his personality and ability to keep his teachings behind closed doors.

He’s not offering an affiliate commission for you to sign people up, and there isn’t a “fake waiting period” to get in.

You need to pay a hefty five-figure price tag to get this kind of training, so we can only hope that it’s worth it.

Judging by his results, it seems like it is.

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