EverWebinar Pricing Review: Is it Worth it?

EverWebinar logo

EverWebinar logo

Do you need powerful software to host your webinars?

Have you spent countless hours trying to gauge which software will work best for you?

You’ve come to the right place!

With so many different web hosting software to choose from, it’s tricky to figure out which one will offer you everything you need.

Believe me! I know all about it!

Let’s take an in-depth look at a web hosting platform that is quickly making a name for itself in the world of digital marketing- EverWebinar.

I am going to cover all the in’s and out’s of EverWebinar so you may walk away either thinking “Sign me up now!” or “I prefer one of the alternatives.”

Either way, by the end of this article you’re going to know exactly which software will be best suited for your brand

Let’s dive into this!

1. What is EverWebinar? 

As research reveals that one webinar can generate between 500-1000 leads it is no surprise that there are so many competing Web Hosting platforms.

EverWebinar is no different. This SaaS (Software as a Service) app founded by Andy Jenkins is making waves in the web hosting community.

This web hosting platform allows you to pre-record webinars for your audience. 

Through these webinars, you can build a larger audience, turn them into leads and turn those leads into sales.

These automated webinars come with advanced features that make it look like a live webinar!

Viewers can also actively participate by chatting or commenting throughout the webinar.

1.1. Who uses EverWebinar?

Who uses EverWebinar?

EverWebinar is available to everyone. 

However, there are a certain group of businesses and individuals alike who would highly benefit from using EverWebinar.

These businesses and individuals include: 

  • Online Educators: Simply pre-record lessons and play them on repeat as new students join.
  • SaaS companies: Engage with your audience by promoting your company and give them a clear idea of your brand and your services. 
  • Bloggers: Quit sticking with words and try out some public speaking! This is a great way to occasionally connect with your readers. 
  • Online Professionals: If you specialize in something, you can sell your knowledge and services through hosting webinars.
  • E-commerce companies: Promote your brand and services through webinars. You can market promotions and sell your products.

From huge companies to sole individuals who are looking to secure a larger target market, the practice of marketing your brand through web hosting is available for many different types of businesses

2. Using EverWebinar

Now that you understand the basics of this incredible web hosting platform, let’s take a look at how to use it.

Becoming affiliated with such intricate software can be tedious and overwhelming


To help you with this, I have formulated a short and sweet step-by-step guide to get you acquainted with EverWebinar. 

  • Step one 

First things first you’re going to create a webinar script. 

This is pretty much the content of your webinar (what you’ll be saying). 

Although it isn’t uncommon to “wing it”, putting together an engaging webinar script is a much more effective idea. 

  • Step two

Now you’re going to record your live webinar (so exciting!). If you’re one step ahead and already have a prerecorded video then lucky you! Simply upload it and you’re nearly done. 

Be sure to enable the live chat feature to allow your audience to ask questions throughout the webinar.

  • Step three

Pick a catchy title for your webinar that will give your audience an idea of what you’ll be speaking about.

  • Step Four

Add any promotions or specials that you might have. (optional but REALLY good for business)

  • Step Five

Schedule your webinars to play at any time. You can choose any preferred time you’d like your webinar to play in any time-zone! 

  • Step Six

Now it’s time to set your webinar live (YAY!). 

Your webinar is all done now (easy peasy right!) and you can start promoting it

2.1. Why should you use EverWebinar? 


Automated webinars are a powerful form of digital marketing. 

Nowadays consumers would much rather prefer to interact face-to-face with a brand.

Your marketing acts as the foundation of your brand’s success. 

You need to practice as many effective methods as you can to achieve success for your brand.

Unlike bigger businesses that are already established, as a small business owner, it is crucial to understand the tools you need to optimize your sales performance

Hosting a webinar is an addition to these tools. 

It is the easiest and most direct way to speak to potential consumers globally.  

Your audience is EVERYTHING. They are the backbone of your business and by using webinars as a marketing strategy you are directly stimulating that backbone.

Video marketing is what consumers want. 

Studies show us that using video marketing can increase your leads by 66% per annum. 

That’s a huge number and while users enjoy video promotions there is one crucial element missing :

It is not live so it is less personal.

Google also confirms that a striking 6 out of 10 people PREFER to watch online videos over TV.

All this information comes down to one simple thing

More people enjoy watching videos than anything else. 

Automated webinars are like videos but 10 times better because you are connecting on a much more personal level with your audience. 

So, if you want to grow your audience, boost your leads, and increase your sales- start Web Hosting today

3. EverWebinars Features 

Let’s move on to discuss what EverWebinar offers you. 

3.1. Point-And-Click Landing Pages

Landing Pages

Landing pages are a crucial component of lead generation. 

These are static pages that are rich in call-to-action features. 

The primary aim of a landing page is to turn your audience into leads

EverWebinar makes landing pages a simple affair. 

You have the option to choose from their numerous pre-designed templates

No coding or sitting in front of YouTube tutorials for you! 

Their templates are also up-to-date with neat, modernized styles to appear attractive to your audience. 

3.2. Analytics


You need to track the performance of your webinars right? 


To judge the success of your webinars and continue to improve your hosting skills further down the line, you’ll need to take note of the following : 

  • How many are attending vs purchasing?
  • Are my audience members leaving early and why?
  • How long have my attendees (on average)  focused?

Through EverWebinar’s neat, clean, and easy to navigate analytics, you can easily answer those questions and examine where improvements need to be made. 

3.3. Dynamic attendee numbers 

EverWebinar offers you the opportunity to set visible attendee numbers. 

You can make it appear to your attendees as if there are periodically between 600-700 audience members in your webinar. 

This is ideal for smaller businesses that are trying to build up a large audience. 

3.4. Scheduling System 

What’s the point of playing your webinar when half your audience is leaving to go to work or having dinner? 

With EverWebinar, you have a lot of flexibility to schedule your webinars

You can have them play at any time. (preferably according to your target market for maximum results). 

This is an extremely convenient feature and the key to using it correctly is:

Know your audience! 

3.5. Live Chat 

Live Chat

To encourage communication between you and your attendees you can pre-record questions and answers to pop up during your webinar.

This way you are still answering any potential questions your audience may have without having to be physically live.

How awesome, right?!

Wait….what if an attendee asks a live question?

Don’t stress! EverWebinar will alert you via email!

3.6. Integrations 

EverWebinar allows you to integrate as many different tools as you would like.

I am sure you practice email marketing for your brand. 

If not, start understanding what email marketing is and how it can enhance your sales performance. 

Carrying on...

You can send new webinar registrants straight to your emailing list! 

This helps you develop other facets of your digital marketing too.


Integrating different apps is always a strategic marketing move and EverWebinar allows you to easily do this. 

3.7. Automated Emails 

Automated Emails

Solidify brand-to-consumer relationships by alerting your registrants of upcoming webinars.

With EverWebinar you can easily make this happen. You can choose to send it either before or after the webinar - whichever tickles your fancy.

EverWebinar also has an SMS communication system for you to take advantage of.

And remember:

The more you communicate with your audience the better! 

3.8. Sales alerts and product offers 

Want to add some pressure on your audience to make a purchase?

EverWebinar has you covered! 

With the live sales alert feature, audience members can see what other attendees are purchasing in the webinar. 

These alerts appear as pop-ups and can give your audience that extra nudge to make a purchase.

You can also showcase special promotions and product offers. To make this more effective add a countdown timer to show when your offer ends!

product offer

4. Pricing 

Now that you’re aware of all the fancy features EverWebinar offers, it’s time to talk money!

Here are the three different pricing structures including how much they cost and what they offer:

4.1. Installment Plan

This plan allows you to divide one annual payment into three different payments.

You will receive:

  • Automated webinars
  • Advanced simulation tools 
  • Round the clock support
  • Pre-designed landing pages 

And a few more great features!

How much does it cost? $199x3 per year.

4.2. Annual Plan 

You can pay once annually and get all the features plus more!

But what’s the price? $499 per year 

You do end up saving with this plan if you compare it to the installment plan(smart thinking, EverWebinar!)

4.3. Biennial Plan 

For the features in this plan, you pay one big fee every two years and you receive all of EverWebinars greatest features.

Wanna know the “damage”? $799 every two years.

With this plan, you do end up paying much less than the lower tiers and you get their most advanced features. 

However, be sure that this is the platform you are going to commit to because if not...yikes! 

EverWebinar pricing

EverWebinar pricing

5. EverWebinars Pros & Cons 

I usually make a pros and cons list for myself with everything I do.

It can help you make a clearer decision and outline what the consequences might be.

Let’s weigh up the good and bad of EverWebinar.

Pros & Cons

To start with the good news….

5.1. Pros of EverWebinar:

  • You can split-test landing pages (most webinar companies don’t offer this.)
  • It isn’t tricky to get the hang of (user-friendly).
  • You can integrate many different apps and CRM tools.
  • It isn’t mind-boggling to navigate.
  • Super-friendly and helpful 24/7 customer support.

Now onto the bad...

5.2. Cons of EverWebinar 

  • It is a little pricey for smaller businesses.
  • They could make inviting attendees smoother.
  • The reporting and analytics could be much more in-depth compared to other SaaS apps.
  • They haven’t quite pinned down the mobile-friendly aspect.

If the cons have slightly put you off, not to worry I have some awesome alternatives for you.

6. Alternatives to EverWebinar

Another solution?

It’s always smart to give yourself options.

Here are a few of the alternative options to EverWebinar, from my favorite to my least favorite. 

6.1. Systeme.io VS. EverWebinar 

Systeme.io logo

Systeme.io logo

Systeme.io is the platform that will make digital marketing a walk in the park for you.

With regards to web hosting in particular- this incredible SaaS provides you with an Evergreen webinar feature.

“What’s that?” you ask.

Evergreen webinar features are relevant, “in with the times content.

They are automated,  so you need to put on your Sunday best and host a live webinar. 

Simply, record that webinar so you can recycle it as you need to.

As Evergreen webinars are automated, you can add a couple of tricks to make it look live.

“But how do you do that?”

Remember those live chat and sales alert features we spoke about earlier?

Well, systeme.io has them too!

Add these features to your Evergreen webinar to make it look live and Bob's your uncle! 

This is not all systeme.io has to offer. Using this one simple, well-performing tool you can do ALL of this:

  • Sell and launch online courses 
  • Start a blog
  • Create an affiliate program 
  • Create sales funnels 
  • Set up campaigns for your email marketing 

I also find that this is a very affordable alternative to EverWebinar. 

Let me explain how:

  • You are only going to be paying $47 p/m for access to 3 Evergreen webinar features with the added benefit of having everything else your business needs in one tool.
  • Perhaps you can’t be limited to 3 evergreen features, no problem! For as little as $97 p/m, you can get unlimited evergreen webinar features. 

Systeme.io is overall more affordable

You can use this for every marketing aspect of your business instead of relying on 10 different types of software

6.2. Livetstorm VS. EverWebinar


Livetstorm logo

Livestorm is an all-time favorite among both individuals and businesses who market using Web Hosting.

This web-based software does essentially offer the same kind of features that EverWebinar does but offers much smoother performance.

Livestorm offers in-depth features such as:

  • reporting is much more intricate compared to EverWebinar.
  • They have an advanced AI system that collects data of every new registrant (I know right!)
  • They can accommodate much larger business as well as smaller businesses
  • The pre-designed landing pages they offer are much appealing than EverWebinar
  • Everything works a lot smoother and the webinar rooms have much more in-depth features

Ultimately, Livestorm is definitely more established and it does show.

Let’s compare the prices:

  • They offer a basic plan which is free. It offers a lot of strong features that doesn’t detract from the overall experience.
  • The Premium options start at €89 p/m. It is essentially much more pricey than EverWebinar. The features included in this option is everything most businesses would need.
  • The enterprise option encompasses everything from the premium option plus a whole lot more. You would need to contact them for a quote on this one. 

Livestorm’s paid plans are more expensive yet they do offer a free plan and have much more advanced features.

6.3. Zoom VS. EverWebinar

Zoom logo

Zoom logo

The main reason I placed Zoom at the bottom of the list is that its overall performance can be quite laggy.

However, that does not take away from the fact that Zoom makes web hosting an enjoyable experience. 

This platform is much simpler to navigate than EverWebinar. 

However, there is a BIG but…

Zoom does not have an Evergreen webinar feature or any automated webinar features for that matter. 

There are a few really excellent features that Zoom delivers:

  • It is so simple to invite someone to your webinar
  • Chatting within the webinar is smoother.
  • It is not only easy to set up but it is also very quick to launch

There are still a few aspects that the company could make improvements on but overall they do provide you with what you need to execute a great webinar.

Let’s have a peek at their pricing in comparison to EverWebinar:

  • Zoom has various prices depending on how many attendees you would like to accommodate.
  • The starting price is $40 pm for 100 attendees. For $340 pm, you can host up to 1000 attendees
  • The prices are very competitive for small businesses compared to EverWebinar. However, Zoom’s prices begin to quickly increase for larger audience numbers. 

Zoom can be more affordable for your brand depending on the plan you choose. 

The attendee limit for each price structure can be frustrating however, once you are able too you can upgrade to the next plan

7. Conclusion 


Web Hosting is a wonderful way to get in touch with your audience and win over potential consumers. 

A brand needs to understand who its target-market is and using the right web hosting software can make this possible.

EverWebinar has a long list of exceptional features and will have you well equipped to step into the world of webinars.

If EverWebinar did not capture your idea of a “perfect web hosting platform” the other options are all respectively strong competitors.

Choose a platform that is going to work best for you and your brand. One which you would be content with sticking to in the long-run.

Web Hosting is quickly becoming the best strategy for successful digital marketing.

The question is:

Are you going to hop on this fast-paced train?


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