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Not many people achieve their loftiest financial goals - at least certainly not in their 20s in most cases.

This was not the case for the real estate agent and Youtuber Graham Stephan.

The 28-year old realtor is currently worth $6 million, sitting well ahead of his milestone of hitting a mil by 30.

What exactly has shaped this man's life up to this point?

Let’s do some digging into how Stephan makes his dollars.

1. Who is Graham Stephan?

Graham Stephan

Stephan is an investor, a real estate agent and a YouTube content creator raised in Santa Monica, California.

Being in the real estate industry since he was 18, he has managed to sell properties worth over $130,000,000 to high-level clientele like Orlando Bloom, Wale among a host of others.

He made his first million at 26 from five different streams of income, each of which we'll dive into in detail.

2. What does Graham Stephan earn?

Graham Stephan’s net worth currently comes from five sources, averaging at $150,000 every month.

This figure oscillates between $60,000 and $220,000 throughout the year.

Here's how the numbers break down:

2.1. YouTube

youtube logo

He has two YouTube channels, Graham Stephan and The Graham Stephan Show.

The first channel was started two years ago while the latter was launched in May 2019.

The Graham Stephan channel was started to share his experiences with real estate with the world.

In his words, he says that he offers step by step information on how to make as much as he does, unlike many other successful individuals.

He has a following of 1.33 million on the site with an average of 380,000 views per day, bringing in an average of $81,000 a month.

The lesser-known channel, The Graham Stephan Show, covers a wider variety of money and business-related topics.

The channel has over 250,000 subscribers and brings in an average of $10,000 per month.

2.2. Teachable

teachable logo

Stephan has two online courses under his sleeve.

The Real Estate Agent Academy course is based on his experience as a real estate agent, along with other agents in the industry as well.

The course aims at teaching individuals how to get started as a realtor and grow the career.

The second course, the Youtube Creator Academy, teaches people on the ins and outs of growing a Youtube Channel and earning from it.

Both courses were launched in 2018 and bring in an estimated $30,000 every month.

Stephan pays only $90 to use the platform, registering the rest as profit since there are no other overhead costs to pay.

2.3. Rental income

Rental income

There has never been a better time to rent houses in the Los Angeles area, Stephan says, adding that there's hardly a shortage of tenants.

He definitely is making money off the properties he rents out, which are currently six within the Los Angeles area and include the duplex he calls home.

Stephan earns around $15,000 per month from his tenants although he doesn't take it all home.

Out of the six properties, three are paid off, and three are still under mortgages.

After deducting additional expenses such as insurance and property tax, he takes home about $5,000 in profit every month.

2.4. Affiliate programs and sponsorships

Being a popular Youtube personality, Stephan is in no shortage of sponsored advertisement and affiliate sales opportunities.

A typical sponsored video starts with about 45-90 seconds of Stephan mentioning the sponsor and the products or services on sale.

There's generally a contract between him and the sponsor detailing out the expectations.

His immense traffic also brings him added revenue, as the viewers from his channel who buy using affiliate links earn him a commission.

In total, such partnerships between different companies bring Stephan around $7000 every month.

2.5. Real estate commissions

Real estate is where Stephan's career took wings. Starting at only 18 years old, he took close to a year of full-time work to make his first sale.

It has been a fulfilling career for him ever since. Skipping college to get a real estate certification instead, the young lad found a career path that he loved, working up his way to selling up to $20 million a year.

From a commission of $500 every week to about $500,000 a year in gross commissions, Stephan has made his mark at The Oppenheim Group where he currently works as a realtor.

The agency sells luxury properties in the Los Angeles area.

Stephan earns an average of $8500 a month in commissions every month from his sales.

He, however, isn't focused much in the industry since YouTube takes a considerable amount of his time.

2.6. Additional sources

Additional sources

In addition to his numerous sources of cash, Graham Stephan boosts his net worth through an online store under his name.

Various clothing items are available on the store, including hoodies, shirts, crewnecks, and hats.

Accessories like mugs, phone cases, and bags are also available for purchase.

2.7. Projections for the future

In spite of having a very high net worth, Graham Stephan is a very frugal spender. Aside from his expenses which average around $5,000 a month, he typically saves the rest of his income.

Apart from $20,000 to $30,000 kept in his checking account, the rest of the money is sent to various savings accounts.

His savings are not geared towards anything in particular, although Stephan looks to buy other properties when he finds suitable ones.

His ideal investments are in real estate, he says, and he is always looking for ways to increase his rental income.

Currently, Graham Stephan's goal is to reach a net worth of $10 million. Judging by his trajectory so far, that’s not too far off.

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