Kartra Pricing: How Much Does Kartra Cost?

how much does kartra cost

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If you’re thinking of creating your own online business, then you may have heard of Kartra

Kartra is a platform that allows business owners to create, market, and launch their company online with one platform without hiring a team of copywriters, web developers, system integrators, or designers.

All the sections of Kartra are integrated, meaning the whole platform works together so you can run a business efficiently. 

For example, if a browser lands on your Kartra page, Karta analytics tracks it. If someone fills in a Karta form, Karta Mail subscribes that individual to your newsletter. 

The platform works together as one, so you can run your online business as efficiently as possible.

Karta Pricing Packages

Kartra pricing

Kartra pricing packages

Sounds good, huh? Then you may be wondering – ‘how much does Kartra cost?’. 

Kartra offers various convenient and budget-friendly monthly subscription packages which we’ll go through. 

The packages differ mainly by the number of contacts and monthly email sends, amount of monthly bandwidth, and the number of marketing tools you require.

However, all packages offer access to Kartra’s variety of tools, features, and benefits and there are no extra-cost add-ons. By choosing Kartra, you receive everything from the very beginning no matter what package you choose.

Plus, with the convenient monthly subscription model, you’re never trapped into a package.

When choosing a package, what it all comes down to is the size of your business and how many leads, monthly emails, marketing tools, and bandwidth volume you’ll need. 

And regardless of which package you choose, they all come with a $1 14-day trial so you can see if the software works well for you.

So, ready to hear about each package?

Kartra Starter  

As the name of the package suggests, the Kartra Starter is ideal for those just starting an online business or for small companies with an email list of under 2,500 people. This is $99 a month.

Perks of the package:  

  •  Up to 2,500 contacts 
  •   15,000 emails per month  
  •   100 total pages created 
  •   20 total products created 
  •  2 helpdesk portals 
  •  1 custom domain 
  •  20 dynamic follow up sequences 
  •  50 GB bandwidth per month 
  •  Unlimited page visits 
  •  100 total automations  
  •  2 total membership sites 

Kartra Silver

The Kartra silver package is the most popular option and offers plenty of benefits, especially compared to the starter plan. This costs $199 per month.

Perks of the package: 

  •   Up to 12,500 contacts  
  •   125,000 emails per month   
  •   Unlimited pages created  
  •   Unlimited products created 
  •   Unlimited helpdesk portals  
  •   3 custom domains  
  •   Unlimited dynamic follow up sequences  
  •   125 GB bandwidth per month  
  •    Unlimited amount of page visits   
  •   Unlimited total automations 
  •   Unlimited total membership sites  

Kartra Gold

If you have a bigger email list or are after more perks, the Kartra Gold offers various improvements from the previous two packages. This is $299 per month.

Perks of the package:

  •    Up to 25,000 contacts   
  •    250,000 emails per month   
  •    Unlimited pages created   
  •   Unlimited products created 
  •   Unlimited helpdesk portals  
  •    5 custom domains   
  •    Unlimited dynamic follow up sequences   
  •    200 GB bandwidth per month   
  •    Unlimited amount of page visits   
  •   Unlimited total automations 
  •   Unlimited total membership sites  

Kartra Platinum

Got an email list of over 50,000? Then the Kartra plan may be for you. It also offers plenty more perks than the previous plans. This is $499 per month.

Perks of the package:

  •    Up to 50,000 contacts    
  •    500,000 emails per month    
  •    Unlimited pages created    
  •    Unlimited products created  
  •    Unlimited helpdesk portals   
  •    10 custom domains    
  •    Unlimited dynamic follow up sequences    
  •    500 GB bandwidth per month    
  •    Unlimited amount of page visits   
  •    Unlimited total automations 
  •    Unlimited total membership sites  

Karta Enterprise

The Kartra enterprise package is considered to be the biggest and best package of all. So big that you’ll need to speak to Kartra support to discuss the package perks, email list capacities, and price. 

However, you can safely assume that it will include all the perks from the Kartra Diamond package, plus a whole lot more email leads. So, if you need more than 100,000 leads, Kartra Enterprise is the package for you.  

About Kartra Pricing

Compared to many alternatives on the market, Kartra offers very affordable packages. So, you may be wondering why Kartra is so affordable?

Perhaps what we should be asking is ‘why does other software cost so much?’.

Many alternatives offer products that cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month with multiple apps that only offer the minimum necessary functionality for someone to run an online business. 

With more affordable all-in-one alternatives on the market such as Kartra, you shouldn’t have to spend time researching hundreds of apps to find the right combination for your brand, learn how to use each one, and then spend money on having them integrated.

Kartra was created when it’s business owners were struggling in a similar way themselves and were trying to find an effective solution for their company. After striking no luck, they decided to create software to address the issues.

Having already created the popular WebinarJam and EverWebinar platforms, resources were put together to create an affordable platform that any marketer can easily use to build and grow their online business.

After three years of development, the result was Kartra, a fully integrated platform to provide customers with useful and actionable analytics. 

The all-in-one eCommerce and marketing platform offers buyers everything they need to run a business online and more – at a very reasonable price. 

Consider Systeme.io as an Alternative

For an alternative method of launching your online business, here at Systeme.io we offer a full marketing platform designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to sell their goods online.

Just like Kartra, we offer an all-in-one integrated platform to make running an online business as easy as possible.

And the best bit? Our package prices are just as effective but are even lower in price, starting at just $27 a month.

Learn all about our handy and easy-to-use platform on our homepage or head to our pricing page to discover our three affordable packages.

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