Neil Patel Digital Marketing Review


Neil Patel: the man, the myth… If you’ve ever Googled anything related to digital marketing, sales, or search engine optimization, chances are you’ve heard of the so-called “rock star marketer.”

And while Neil’s blog is full of useful advice for beginners and pros alike, he also offers paid tools and consulting services which are supposed to help you launch and run your business successfully.

Are they worth it?

Let’s dive into our Neil Patel review and find out!

Who Is Neil Patel?


While the majority of us can only dream of Patel spearheading our digital marketing campaigns (the word is on the street that he charges upwards of $5.000 for an hour-long consultation), it’s important to understand why he and his services are so in-demand.

Born in London in 1985 and having relocated to California when he was just two years old, Patel got his early entrepreneurial beginnings by burning and selling CDs at his high school. 

He scaled his “business” by expanding into selling hacked TV cards and black boxes to his classmates and their parents alike. For a while, he even sold Kirby vacuum cleaners.

However, it was when he started his first website, Advice Monkey, that he realized he would have to learn internet marketing. He had no room in his savings to pay for ads.

From there onward, Patel was truly invested in online marketing and online businesses. 

He had a few failed ventures, as all successful entrepreneurs have, but he learned the trade by working. 

When he founded Crazy Egg, a heat mapping and A/B testing software company, he still moonlighted as a digital consultant to fund the project.

It was only in 2008 that he also founded KISSMetrics and started working on his wildly popular blog, Quick Sprout.

In 2014, Forbes officially named him one of the top 10 internet marketing experts. 

And while there have been instances of him showing up to conferences in flashy cars and with models on his arm, Patel has been mostly focused on providing quick, applicable advice to business owners who either wanted to start new projects or scale the existing ones.

Perhaps it is due to his hands-on beginnings that he avoids complicated terminology and overdrawn explanations, instead choosing to focus on providing value anyone can understand. You don’t have to have a bachelor’s degree in marketing to understand what Patel is talking about.

You just have to be willing to implement the strategies.

With that in mind, it’s time to look at whether his products are worth it. 

Neil Patel Review

Neil Patel used to offer a few courses back in the day. However, he no longer does it. His Quick Sprout blog is full of free advice, through which he generates enough interest for his tools and 

consulting services:

  • How-to guides
  • Updates on important developments
  • Tutorials

He seems to cover everything related to starting a business and marketing it in great depth. Of course, he has a whole team behind him, and the majority of information is already available online.

However, being able to learn everything you need to start running a profitable business (at least on the marketing side of things) in one place is immensely helpful. 

From the get-go, you can really see that his business model is different. 

When he was still doing courses, people have often called him out for rehashing content. No surprise there. He blogs so much that it’s hard not to rehash content. 

Neil doesn’t offer courses, but he offers tools and consulting services:

Neil Patel’s Tools Reviewed

Patel advertises four tools:

  • 1. Crazy Egg
  • 2. Kissmetrics
  • 3. Hello Bar
  • 4. Ubersuggest

Crazy Egg


In a nutshell, Crazy Egg is a tool that offers heatmaps to business owners.

If you’ve ever wanted to know what your customers are doing on your site, Crazy Egg makes it ridiculously simple:

  • Record individual sessions
  • Track areas of particular interest
  • Identify areas your visitors don’t even look at

It’s exactly what it says on the tin: with a heat map, you can see which parts of your website need work.

Additionally, Crazy Egg offers A/B testing

If you create two versions of your site (old version and a new version with a few modifications), you’ll be able to compare them. If you want to integrate Crazy Egg with other software (e.g. Google Analytics, Shopify), you can.

Crazy Egg has a free trial, but after that, you’re going to have to upgrade to one of the paid plans, starting from $24/mo. 

On Capterra, Patel’s Crazy Egg holds a rating of 4.5/56, based on 56 reviews. 

Some reviewers mention frequent bugs and glitches. However, the tool does the job in the vast majority of cases. 

All in all, it’s a good tool to have in your toolkit when you want to scale your business and improve your conversion rate. 

If you want a full-on platform for starting your business, Crazy Egg won’t help you all that much. 



Patel promises that Kissmetrics is going to help you turn insights into sales.

But what does that really mean?

Kissmetrics aggregates and analyzes your customer data. And once you understand what shapes their behavior, and what the best way to reach them is, you can create campaigns with a higher ROI:

  • Integrate Kissmetrics with platforms like Shopify and Facebook to start tracking data
  • Analyze data
  • Segment different customers according to their behavior, characteristics, and more
  • Create intelligent, data-driven campaigns to automate customer engagement

Kissmetrics is definitely a tool made for pros. 

It’s useful, but it’s not for beginners. 

If you’ve just started running your business (or thinking about it), Kissmetrics is going to be unnecessary and too much, both in terms of pricing and implementation. 

While it holds a 4/5 rating on Capterra, a lot of reviewers mention that it’s quite difficult to implement. Not to mention that you’ll need a vast quantity of data to analyze if you want to get accurate insights. 

Pricing is not readily available on the website, but similar software starts at $500 per month. 

Hello Bar


Neil wouldn’t be Neil without a simple tool in his stack. 

Hello Bar is an easy way to engage visitors with a bar that follows them as they scroll down your pages. 

Hello Bar is easy to implement, and it captures visitors’ attention before you’ve lost a sale. And with a freemium plan, it’s worth testing – especially if you plan on running an eCommerce business. 



Patel made it big by writing about SEO, so it’s only natural that we encounter a SEO tool in his product stack.

Ubersuggest is perhaps one of the most useful tools for new and seasoned entrepreneurs alike.

It’s essentially a keyword research tool. 

If you want to optimize your search engine marketing strategy (which is a low-cost method of obtaining organic traffic), Ubersuggest can help you with:

  • Finding the best keywords (least competitive, decent search volume)
  • Content ideas
  • Traffic analysis (your top website pages, keywords, etc.)
  • SEO analysis (site audit, backlink checker, rank monitoring)

And the best part?

It even works as a limited free tool. The features you get for free are extremely helpful if you’re just starting out. 

If you need access to more advanced SEO functionalities, like filters for keyword suggestions, you won’t need to spend a lot. 

The paid version of Neil's SEO tool only costs $29 a month.

It has a 5-star rating on ProductHunt. Trying it out costs you literally nothing. 

Again, Patel excels at providing value, and Ubersuggest is an incredible tool for first-time entrepreneurs who want to dip their fingers in the SEO pie.

Neil Patel Digital Review

Finally, Neil Patel also offers consultancy services through his company Neil Patel Digital.

With clients such as Microsoft, eBay and Google, it’s pretty clear that big-wigs trust him enough to place their marketing in his hands.

His company specializes in:

  • SEO and content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Paid media
  • Social media
  • Strategy and funnel development

If you choose to get marketing services from NP Digital, you likely won’t be working with Neil. 

However, everyone on the team has been trained by him. They take pride in their growth hacking tactics, and currently have offices in 6 locations around the globe. 

According to reviewers, NP Digital take the time to get acquainted with your business and your goals. 

Even though there is a contractual obligation of working with them for at least a year, it’s well worth it: the expert team will create unique strategies to expand your market share.

However, reviewers also point out that NP Digital is significantly costlier than other marketing agencies. 

This comes with the territory; one of their founders is Neil Patel, after all. 

However, they provide good value for money, especially for big companies that want to expand their influence further.

What Do We Think about Neil Patel?

While Patel offers plenty of products and services (that may not be readily available to small businesses or first-time entrepreneurs), he also has a completely free blog.

When it comes to his tactics, he has been a target of numerous critics. However, no one ever disproved his methods as ineffective. To put it simple: he knows what he is doing. 

And even though not every tactic is as flashy as we may hope, there’s no doubt they’re effective. 

What you see is what you get.

And with Neil, the majority of it is completely free. 

Get your free account is 100% free, forever