The New System To Launch A Business In 2020

Launch A Business In 2020

By: Aurelien Amacker ( founder)

When I started building my first online business back in 2010 the best strategy was:

  • build an email list of 1000 subscribers
  • survey this list to find their biggest pain
  • launch an online course that solves this problem

It works (I have personally used it to make over 2 millions in sales).

But it has some severe disadvantages: 

  • it takes time to build a list of 1000 people 
  • you need to create an online course 
  • you need to write a sales page
  • conversion rates are rather low (around 1% for a $100 product) 

In 2014 I started to sell one-on-one coaching, I was charging $1000 per month for 2 hours of coaching.

So it was very lucrative because I was making $500 per hour, plus I didn't have to create a course or write a sales page.

And since I was selling on the phone conversion rates were sky-high.

I was converting 1/3 of the people I was talking on the phone for a $6000 coaching.

It means I was making $2000 every time I was taking someone on the phone, the issue was that I was selling my time.

It's only in 2018 that I found the solution to scale this business, now I have:

  • one salesperson selling on the phone
  • one coach working with our customers

This system has allowed me to scale from $2000 per month to $40,000 per month with very little time spent (maybe 3 or 4 hours per month).

If I were to start all over again I wouldn't start by creating an online course.

But I would instead take people on the phone and start making offers and then I would begin scaling my business from there to avoid you, the hassle to have to search for years as I did I've put together an online course where I teach you:

  • how to launch your first premium offer in a few days 
  • how to build your audience and your team (today I have over 15 people working for me, all remote) 
  • how to scale your business using FB ads and

It would cost you about $1000 for a one-hour coaching with me, the course is about 1h30 long.

The price is only $497.

And today you can save hundreds of dollars on the regular price:

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