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Entrepreneurs and people in the modern business world talk a lot about Sam Ovens, and for good reason.

Ovens has accrued quite an impressive net worth and has reached an impressive level of success.

But who exactly is Sam Ovens, and what is his net worth? How did he accrue his net worth?

Let’s dive into the life of Sam Ovens and what he did to reach an impressive level of wealth through entrepreneurial endeavors.

1. Who is Sam Ovens?

Sam Ovens

Sam Ovens is best known as the founder of, which first started in 2013.

He is also the founder of SnapInspect, which he founded in 2011. In 2017, he became one of Forbes’ “30 Under 30” for Asian nations in the Manufacturing & Energy (Industry) sector. He currently resides in Auckland, New Zealand.

Often considered a business-building guru, Ovens came from humble beginnings.

He was born in New Zealand and started his entrepreneurship career, initial a consulting business, to help local companies with their digital marketing efforts.

Famously, he claims he started this business in the garage of his parents’ home after dropping out of school and quitting his corporate job at phone company Vodafone.

It’s a classic rags to riches story of the modern age-- a young, bright person decides to leave the confines of university and corporate life behind to start working on an idea to reach their dreams.

After just a few months in the rigid corporate 9-to-5 world, Ovens saw that he had to build his own business-- and if he should fail, it was worth trying instead of settling for corporate monotony.

It started out with serious hustling and consulting.

Eventually, Ovens realized that he had learned a lot from running that initial consulting business and that much of that valuable information could have been helpful for other agency runners, freelancers, and consultants who needed help get more clients.

Recognizing the potential in actually helping consultants, Ovens started, which is now the world’s leading training platform for new and expert consultants who want to improve their business ventures.

Quickly, through Ovens’ management techniques, became a massive moneymaker that brings is eight figures on a yearly basis.

Ovens is also known for his unique skills in the niche of paid ads, which are responsible for helping him generate campaigns with healthy ROIs for his training courses.

He’s certainly unconventional and considered “peculiar” in his short videos, but one cannot argue that Ovens took an opportunity to offer consultants a new approach to building their businesses-- one that values critical thinking and a big-picture mindset.

And taking that opportunity led him to become a very successful self-started entrepreneur.

2. What is home page website's home page is a course platform for business owners, entrepreneurs, and startups.

The main courses that offers can be broken down into three sections:

  • Start a business - How to start your business and grow it to 6-figures.
  • Grow a business - How to grow your business to 7-figures quickly.
  • Develop mastery - How to grow your business to 8-figures and beyond.

The ultimate course offered by is Sam Ovens' Consulting Accelerator.

The course itself is marketed as the ultimate training platform for new and experienced consultants. The course is six weeks long and costs $2,000 USD.

The course itself (and, in turn, Sam Ovens) has quite a number of detractors that claim the course is one big scheme.

On the other hand, the course itself has thousands of video reviews that are overwhelmingly positive.

It’s a polarizing course and one that has resulted in Sam Ovens bringing in a lot of money.

According to Ovens, started with zero dollars and not a single investor, but also without debt or outside funding. as a firm has offices in New York City and Dublin, Ireland.

Most of the revenue that comes from has come from licensing training programs.

3. What is SnapInspect?

SnapInspect home page

SnapInspect's home page

SnapInspect is a New Zealand property inspection application for iOS and Android devices.

The app boasts the ability to save homeowners around 75% of time on inspections.

Ovens built the business around existing holes that were plaguing the property management industry and gathered information on major problems by cold calling property managers.

The mobile app lets property managers do very quick inspections on mobile devices of their properties.

Ovens is currently SnapInspect’s CEO.

4. What is Sam Ovens’ net worth in 2020?

Around the age of 26 in 2016 when he was running his consulting business, Ovens’ net worth was approximately $9-10 million.

As of the end of 2019, Sam Ovens now has an estimated net worth of approximately $65 million. This is expected to steadily grow in 2020.

5. Get closer to entrepreneurial success with's home page's home page

Sam Ovens’ story of success is certainly an inspiring one.

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