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Every single one of us has a story that makes us special.

You can often see it if you look at some of the most successful businesses today. The majority of entrepreneurs have a story;a problem that made them change their perspective and consider possible solutions.

And when they couldn’t find the right solution, they created it.

Personal narration and storytelling are powerful, both as a motivation to start your online business, and as a way to market it to the right people.

I’ve reviewed a lot of entrepreneurs in the past, but today I’m taking a look at Ted McGrath.

His approach his different. Instead of focusing on sales tactics first, he puts storytelling at the forefront of your business strategy.

How does that work, and who is he anyway?

I’m about to show you!

1. Who is Ted McGrath?

Ted McGrath

Ted McGrath is an online entrepreneur, coach, motivational speaker, and theater performer.

Pay attention to that last role, because it’s going to become really important in a second.

McGrath’s most popular course is definitely Message to Millions, an online coaching program dedicated to helping you refine your message to your audience, and create a sales system that works for your unique business.

Since McGrath is a theater performer, he knows the value of storytelling. This is why the majority of his programs start with tips on how to create and convey your story.

storytelling content

If you remember my DotCom Secrets review (Russell Brunson’s book), you’ll notice that Brunson has talked extensively about not only creating great products and marketing them as such, but creating a belief system.

Your story essentially gives your customers something to relate to, and something to believe in.

1.1. Ted McGrath’s rocky journey to success

But how does a theater kid go from staging plays to becoming one of the most successful speakers today?

good enough poster

Ted McGrath’s journey to success is literally a Hollywood-worthy story.

No, for real - he’s making a movie, Good Enough.

His first business beginning was when he was 21 years old.

He got started in an insurance company, New York Life. And while he achieved a lot - hitting six figures soon enough, he overdosed.

The grind wasn’t making him happy.

From there, he transitioned into management.

By the time McGrath turned 28, he became one of the top partners in New York Life.

Still, the life fit him like a pair of shoes two sizes too small.

McGrath quit, moved to California, and started two businesses that he realized he wasn’t passionate about.

This is a pretty common realization in the entrepreneurial life; we all go through a lot of projects to finally find the one that fits.

It was then that he realized that he was passionate about public speaking and coaching.

As someone who had plenty of life experiences - both good and bad - McGrath decided to turn his experience, his story into a business.

Ted McGrath

Today, he’s running a multi-million dollar business.

It’s safe to say that he’s found both his passion and his recipe for profitability in his coaching business.

But while he organized seminars and started helping others on their journey to success, McGrath also had plenty of side projects.

Around 2014, he discovered his enthusiasm for the arts, and created a one-man play.

And even though that was a hobby project, the play became so popular that he still performs today.

All in all, today we’re dealing with an entrepreneur who isn’t afraid to show his failures, as well as his wins.

His entrepreneurial journey to success isn’t your garden variety starting-from-the-garage story.

And while his background definitely makes Ted McGrath an interesting person, what does he have to offer if you want to start an online business?

Let’s take a look!

2. Ted McGrath’s Message to Millions

Message 2 Millions logo

Message 2 Millions logo

Message to Millions is Ted McGrath’s annual live event.

During that event, you’ll get the chance to talk to Ted and some of his clients regarding your business (ideas).

This is a pretty unique take.

Normally, entrepreneurs offer pre-recorded courses. However, Ted’s taken a slightly different route.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Craft and perfect your message
  • Create online strategies for your business
  • Learn how to launch your product, program, or service

It all takes place through 4 thematic days:

2.1. Day 1 of Message to Millions: Ted’s one-man show

What's your story

On the first day of Message to Millions, you’ll get to see Ted’s one man show - Good Enough.

The entire first day is meant to help you relate to the purpose of this program, and reaffirm your intention to use your story as a competitive advantage in the market.

According to Ted McGrath, the first day is meant specifically for:

  • Entrepreneurs who have a great story
  • Coaches that need a lucrative step-by-step curriculum
  • Business owners who don’t have a message they’ll be recognizable for
  • Everyone who wants to build a 7-figure business and inspire their customers
  • Business owners who want to improve their market positioning and create a brand through storytelling

So far, I’m loving it.

McGrath doubles down on belief marketing; in order to turn people into loyal customers, you can’t just sell them your products.

You have to sell them on the idea of achieving their dreams.

After all, 71% of consumers prefer buying from companies aligned with their values.

2.2. Day 2 of MtM Live: Framework

The second day of Message to Millions is all about concrete advice and framework that entrepreneurs can use to build seven-figure businesses.

First up, Ted McGrath will teach you all about the 5-7 step program you need to create and deliver a great product.

Then, you’ll learn how to properly communicate the value of that product so you sell customers on it immediately.

Finally, Ted will also teach you how to expand these steps and create by-products such as courses, events, and more.

This day is about starting your business as much as it is about scaling it.

It’s pretty good, especially considering that you’re getting immediate access to Ted and his partners, so you can pose any questions you’d like.

2.3. Day 3 of Ted McGrath’s Message to Millions: Creating an online system

Ted McGrath quote

If you’ve got a subscription-based business (e.g. a membership site), which is always a good idea because you’re getting recurring revenue, PayKickStart makes it a lot easier to make bank!

PayKickStart offers flexibility to your customers. They can upgrade or downgrade their plans anytime they want.

This is a major conversion booster.

Additionally, they offer different subscription models:

2.4. Day 4 of Message to Millions: Sales funnels

Sales funnels

Alright, this one’s my jam!

Day 4 is definitely the best day out of the entire event because Ted McGrath starts talking about sales funnels.

A quick explanation:

Sales funnels are step-by-step methods for attracting leads, converting them into customers, and then turning your customers into repeat customers.

Sales funnels allow you to meet your customers where they are, and make sure you’re convincing them every step of the way.

For example, you’ll attract leads with a lead magnet- a piece of content so valuable that they’ll give you their email address in exchange for it.

Once you do have their email address, you can send them personalized content and offers to convince them of your product’s value.

And when they decide to purchase from you, you can stay in touch with them, and up-sell them to other products you have.

The majority of successful entrepreneurs use structured sales funnels; from Sam Ovens, to Kevin David.

AIDA sales funnel

There are even sales funnel builders like, which allow you to completely automate your sales funnel and convert customers while you sleep.

I’ll talk about that in a sec.

When it comes to Ted McGrath’s approach to sales funnels, he will:

  • Teach you how to map out the perfect sales funnel for your business
  • Give you video scripts, email templates, opt-in page templates, and more
  • Show you different funnels for different businesses

The fourth day really functions as the culmination of the past three days, and helps you put theory into practice by building out your sales funnel.

Let me be clear: every business has a sales funnel, whether you know it or not.

Sales funnels are simply a way to map your customers’ journeys to purchasing your products; from that very first ad, to the right offer that convinces them to buy.

But once you’ve structured your sales funnel, you’ll know exactly how to attract prospects at every stage.

You’ll have a more efficient sales process, and your bottom line will start looking a lot better.

what is a funnel builder

Finally, with a sales funnel, you’ll have a system that generates revenue 24/7.

You won’t have to fight for every customer and client. Instead, you’ll know what works, and apply it.

Sales will turn from a nightmare into a piece of cake.

2.5. Message to Millions pricing: is it worth it?


Message to Millions is $497, and I personally think it’s worth the money.

Normally, you’d get a pre-recorded course for that price.

But with Message to Millions, you’re getting live coaching.

It’s definitely a great option if you want to start your online business, but you’re not sure what sales funnels are, or how you can leverage your story to attract more customers.

3. Ted McGrath’s Superstar Speaker: For coaches and speakers

The cover of the book "Ultimate Live Event Map"

The cover of the book "Ultimate Live Event Map"

If you don’t want to commit to paying hundreds of dollars for his coaching, you can try Ted McGrath’s free materials first.

One of them is Superstar Speaker: Ultimate Live Event Map - How to Build a Thriving Seminar and Workshop Business.

This is an eBook that will help you run more successful seminars in 7 steps.

(If you remember what I said about his course above, you’ll notice that he really likes structuring advice in actionable steps.)

Some of the most important tips in this eBook include:

  • Booking local and national stages
  • Creating workshop content
  • Designing presentations for live events
  • Creating your high-end (up-sell) offer and selling it on the stage
Superstar Speaker training

Superstar Speaker training logo

You’ll also notice that a lot of entrepreneurs have the so-called low-end/high-end offers.

This means that you’re starting off the customer slow, with a cheaper product.

Then, as they’re convinced of your product’s value, it becomes much easier to up-sell them to the more expensive product (“high-end offer”).

McGrath applies it in his business, and he’s going to teach you how to do it yourself, which makes this eBook a great read - even if you don’t how to do it yourselfwant to get booked for national stages.

4. Ted McGrath’s Sell Your Story: Inspire sales

The cover of the book "The Ultimate Online Presentations Swipe File"

The cover of the book "The Ultimate Online Presentations Swipe File"

It’s not enough to just craft your story. You have to use it to sell more, too.

Fortunately, Ted McGrath’s got a great eBook - Sell Your Story: The Ultimate Online Presentations Swipe File.

Just like Superstar Speaker, Sell Your Story is free.

So, what can you expect to learn?

First up, the main focus of this eBook are presentations.

However, you’ll learn a lot about crafting a story that sells, and presenting it through different materials (yes, seminar presentations included).

Sell Your Story

You’ll also learn how to weave your story through everything you do:

  • Sell your story, not your products
  • Leverage storytelling to capture leads and convert them into customers
  • Improve your copywriting

No, there’ll be no talk of funnels - for that, you’ll have to pay for his course, or simply go through my blog.

But if you just want to perfect your story and make it a real offering that adds even more value to your products, then make sure you download Sell Your Story.

5. Ted McGrath Reviews: is he worth it?

Ted McGrath quote


  • Great if this is the first time you’re considering using storytelling in marketing
  • Neatly summed up lessons
  • Course covers sales funnels, as well
  • Great for beginners!


  • If you’ve been running and marketing your business for a while, you may feel underwhelmed
  • You can find the information he talks about online (but it’s more convenient to just pay for the course)
  • Very few students become paid speakers

All in all, his course and his materials are definitely convenient.

And once you’ve mastered storytelling, it’s time to put it into practice with sales funnels.

6. How to create your sales funnel

Ted McGrath may deal with storytelling, but I deal with putting it into practice with sales funnels. logo logo

When my team and I originally created, we knew how badly entrepreneurs need all-in-one marketing tools.

Today, offers:

  • Easy, drag & drop sales funnel builder
  • Drag & drop website and landing page builder
  • Blogging and SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Marketing automation
  • Simple way to create membership sites, host courses and webinars
  • An easy way to build and manage your own affiliate marketing program

And more!'s sales funnel's sales funnel

With, you can really make your story shine, no matter where your customers are.

And once you’ve got them hooked with your offer, add more value with storytelling, be that through your blog or email marketing.

6.1. pricing effectively replaces:

  • Sales funnel builders like ClickFunnels
  • Email marketing software like MailChimp
  • Website hosting and blogging like WordPress

You’d normally pay hundreds of dollars per month to get all of these in your stack.

But when you’re using, you can pay as little as $0/month!

That's right!

We're now offering a freemium account.

The plans range from $0 to $97/month.

It’s more cost-effective than paying for dozens of tools separately, and then struggling to integrate them so that you finally have a sales funnel that works.

Here at, all you have to do is think about your story.

We'll take care of everything else.

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