Thrive Architect Review: The Most Powerful WordPress Page Builder Yet?

Thrive Architect logo

Thrive Architect logo

Thrive Architect is a WordPress page builder that helps you to take complete control of your website design

The visual page builder is great for those that have no experience with coding. It also gives you more options when it comes to designs. 

I loved using Thrive Architect because it went beyond a stagnant theme

With zero coding experience, I was able to use the front-end drag and drop options to fully customize the page into one that I liked

In this article, I will discuss all the unique features of the page builder and what makes designing pages so easy using Thrive Architect.

1. What makes Thrive Architect unique?

What makes Thrive Architect unique

When it comes to making websites, I have zero experience with coding or designing websites

However, when I used Thrive Architect, it was easy to figure out on my own on my first try. 

In minutes, I was able to take my ideas and turn them into a professional looking website

Here’s what makes this site builder unique over what is out there.

1.1. Fast drag & drop editing

Fast Drag & Drop Editing

Thrive Architect's editor

Using the Thrive Architect editor, I was able to quickly figure out how to use the simple tools

It was super easy to customize by clicking what I wanted changed. Moving something is as simple as clicking on it, dragging it using the mouse, and dropping it off your page. 

Unlike what it is currently out there, every detail can be customized to your liking

Everything can be stylized: from the buttons on your page, to adding things like columns, horizontal opt-in forms, click-to-tweet quotes, and other features. 

Changes are instant so you can play around with different options

1.2. Simple user interface

Simple user interface

One of the elements that I liked the most about Thrive Architect was the super simple user interface

This made creating a site super fast since I didn’t have to click back and forth to see my editing progress and final result. 

This front-end editor has a visible menu that stays open during the entire editing process

In short, what you see on your end is exactly what the reader will see once the site is published and live

There was no back and forth or opening and closing of tabs, which made the whole set-up smooth and easy to use.

1.3. Landing pages and sales pages templates

thrive architect's template

Included with Thrive Architect are over 329 landing page templates that are professional looking and beautifully designed

I was able to create a landing page using a pre-designed template so it was instantly published and went live immediately. 

Thrive Themes also regularly add more themes, so it’s easy to create landing pages and sales pages that fit with your business. 

Other sites like have given Thrive Architect raving reviews for its eye-catching layouts even called it the “best WordPress page builder in 2020” thanks to its ease of use and features that your readers will love. 

The themes are organized into sets, so you can make sure your website has a consistent look for each page of your website.

1.4. Powerful integrations for lead generation


Thrive Architect is able to connect to your favorite tools

The tools you use daily for email marketing, email delivery, e-commerce tools, and spam prevention tools are easy to connect to the page builder

API Integrations are important if you want your website to grow over time but adding more functions and to integrate with more tools. 

Thrive Architect features include strong lead generation tools to build your email lists and audience. 

To capture leads, the page builder has also a Lightboxes function to create eye-catching pop-ups

The Lighboxes features are easy to customize, so you can trigger it to pop-up at a specific time or when the reader is exiting your site.

1.5. Responsive designs for mobile and tablet views

Responsive designs for mobile

With Thrive Architect, it is also easy to see how your site would look on different devices, like mobile or tablet views

Unlike other page builders, you can control and customize how your design will look on different devices like a smartphone

I liked this function because I was able to show or hide certain elements depending on which device the reader was using

For example, I hid some elements that might make the site look differently if a smartphone was being used but was able to keep those elements if the site was being used via a desktop computer. 

Based on what device was being used, you can also change how the element is designed or positioned for each device

This made the site faster to load on smartphones thanks to hiding certain elements. 

Plus, the user interface made it easy to switch between these devices so I could see how the site looked on each device, which made editing the mobile views fast and simple.

1.6. Hundreds of elements to add

elements to add

Usually when choosing a theme for WordPress, there aren’t a lot of ways to change the looks to something you had more in mind. 

I liked using Thrive Architect because of the wide array of elements to choose from

For my blog, I was able to add images, icons, images, video, animation, the color, and more. 

Basically, the entire site can be customized to fit your brand image or company.

1.7. Built in tools

Built in tools

When it comes to plugins, I was overwhelmed about what to add to my page and always updating them

It was confusing. 

Another reason why I liked Thrive Architect is because I could replace all these extra plugins because they are already built in and integrating with the page builder. 

Thrive has its own plugins like Thrive Ultimatum and Thrive Leads that I could easily integrate into my site. 

It was simple to add a lead generation form that could integrate with the email marketing tools I already use. 

I could connect the plugs in other software to make capturing email addresses simple.

Basically, anything I wanted on my website was already built into the Thrive Architect so it was easy to grow my site.

1.8. Advanced options

Additionally, the Thrive Team is constantly adding new features and upgrading features to make them even more user-friendly

For example, now users have the ability to change the layouts of columns, add hover effects, and change background images with a text overlay feature. 

With more people browsing sites on their phones, Thrive Architect provides features that are more mobile responsive than other page builders

I was pleased that Thrive Architect is constantly being improved on routinely, making the sites even more accessible and easy to use.

1.9. Customizable blog posts

Customizable blog posts

I wanted my site to be heavy in blogs and articles, but I also wanted my posts to look different from the hundreds of posts that are identical in style. 

To make my posts stand out from the rest of the sites, I added things like customized call to action buttons. It was easy to add in opt-ins. 

When searching for tools, I used sites like for ideas about resources and tutorials.

I made my posts different by adding elements like highlight boxes, lists, click to tweet buttons, and videos. 

Using all these different elements, definitely make my blog posts more visually appealing and my views have increased since switching over.

1.10. Straightforward analytics & data

analytics & data

For data, I wanted something easy to understand so I could glance at my analytics and interpret my results

Thankfully, adding the Google Analytics code to my site was as simple as copy and pasting the Google Analytics info to the applicable place in Thrive Architects. 

I found a support article that easily walked me through how to create a A/B test to see which page had a higher conversion rate. 

It was simple to copy the page I created, make multiple versions, and then track the one that was more successful in converting leads. 

The dashboard on Thrive Architect has a great data tracking system.

1.11. Thrive Architect tools & training

I’m a visual learner, so I was excited to see all the training videos available in the Thrive portal. 

Anytime I had questions, I used these as a guide. 

Thrive Architect also provides a forum where you can add your question so other Thrive users can see it. 

The Thrive team always responded to my questions in a timely manner and I was happy to know that they were available to answer my questions, no matter how big or small.

1.12. Perfect for newbies and busy entrepreneurs

Thrive Architect was so simple to use that I’d recommend it to first-timers that might get a bit intimidated by the idea of building a website. 

The drag and drop editing method is perfect for beginners and the built-in plugins made creating a site a breeze

It’s also great for busy entrepreneurs or start-ups that also lack time and need to finish a landing page, email optin pages, or a site with a fast turnaround time. 

When I created my site, I was super proud of the end result because it was so professional looking

With the data and analytics that are simple to set-up, I am also getting a higher reader response rate, which is leading to more sales. 

It’s a great price for all the features you get.

2. How to get started with Thrive Architect?

Thrive Themes have many options available to purchase Thrive Architect. You can buy it individually for a one-time price

Or, do what I did and become a Thrive member. Becoming a member gave me access to their entire suite of themes, plugins, training, and support

After purchasing your Thrive Architect, you’ll be able to upload the plugins to your WordPress dashboard and you can begin using it immediately.

3. Thrive Architect review final thoughts

Overall, Thrive Architect had very few limitations and is a very powerful page builder

If you are new to web design, I’d recommended using this page builder to set up a site fast and easily. 

I was so happy with the product that I ended up getting the Thrive Membership. 

It’s an all-in-one toolbox that includes the full suite of Thrive Themes and WordPress plugins, as well as constant updates and access to new plugins. 

The membership also comes with exclusive courses, templates, and content for members, as well as unlimited support

The full suite of Thrive Themes plugins includes ten products like the Thrive Theme Builder, Ovation, Thrive Optimize, and Ultimatum among other useful tools for my website.

Thrive Themes plugins

Thrive Themes plugins

The simple user interface, fully-customizable elements, and the number of templates available were the main selling points for me. 

I wanted to create a site that was eye-catching but that could also deliver results

Thrive Architect made it easy to launch my vision

The simple drag-and-drop editing helped me create effective sales and landing pages that looked just like my initial design drafts

They have hundreds of elements that you can customize so the entire site can be tweaked to fit your brand image or company. 

The support team forum was always there in case I had any questions.

Overall, I would recommend Thrive Architect to anyone, no matter what your experience in web design. 

With the multitude of design elements, options, and features available, it’s easy to customize your site to your liking

The simple drag and drop editor made creating a site fast since you could see what the site looked like instantly. It offers over 329 high-quality themes for any style or business.

Features are totally customizable giving you everything you need to create a professional-looking website at an affordable price. 

Thrive Architect was packed with prebuilt plugins that are ready to use, as well as the countless customization options to ensure your site meets your wants and needs

Innovative and efficient, this WordPress page builder creates business sites and conversion-focused lead pages fast.

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