How To Prepare Your Move Abroad 101

Services 20/07/2022
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Deborah Dahab
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Plan Your International Relocation with Calm, Confidence and Clarity

What’s Included:
➤ 7 self-study modules with bite-size videos on everything you need to get your move abroad started
➤ Downloadable workbooks and assignments to keep you focused
➤ A blueprint so you know how to learn a new language, decide what to pack and what to leave behind, make new friends
➤ And so much more you didn’t even know you needed for a successful move abroad

➤ The Move Overseas with Ease ebook (value of 27€)
➤ The Settling In Cheat Sheet to ease you in the first few weeks in your new country with a tutorial video (value of 57€)
➤ How to Decide Where to Live Masterclass (value of 150€)