The New System To Launch An Online Business (featured on Copyblogger!)
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In this online course I teach the new way to launch an online business

The old way:
- build an email list
- run a survey on your list
- create an online course

The new way:
- talk to people (we provide you with the exact script, it's easy in fact you just have to ask 3 questions and listen)
- make an offer

Main benefits of this strategy:

- no need to build an email list
- no need to create an online course
- no need to write a sales page
- much higher conversions

Plus, you can actually scale the whole thing (I have a team of people who do this and generate $80k in sales per month)

In this course I teach everything I've learned in the last 10 years and it's only $7. Which is an irresistible offer

PS: Copyblogger added my interview as a bonus to their Masterclass about launching an online business in 2020