Client Progress Tracker - Keep coaching clients on track to results in JUST 10 MINUTES!!

Software 28/08/2022
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Chanel Robe
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📣 Help coaches keep ALL their clients on track to results in JUST 10 MINUTES!!

You’ll earn 25% affiliate commissions (USD 249.25) + lifetime commissions on all additional sales of our other products 🤑

What they’ll get when they buy the “Check This Client Next” Client Progress Tracker:
- Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets version of the tool
- Simple & quick “how-to” training videos
- Access to up to 3 major version updates

🎯 Customer benefits:
By taking advantage of this offer, they’ll:
- Eliminate or neutralize constant client issues and the need to serve by overdelivering
- Increase their client success rates without constantly overdelivering
- Create a revolving door of raving repeat clients who refer them to others
- Reclaim their time & energy to focus on revenue-generating activities, and important priorities like themselves and family.

💰 YOUR COMMISSION: 25% (USD 249.25) 💰 + lifetime commissions on all additional sales! (we automatically add your affiliate ID to every email we send to your referrals). So, if someone ends up making an additional sale, you'll be raking in those commissions again!

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