Bridge to Debt Free Life

Money 31/08/2022
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Dee Hill
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This program is to help people get out of Debt. It's a 9 step program plus 3 bonuses to show people how to get out of debt without claiming Bankruptcy or signing up with one of these Debt Consolidation companies. The program will have 3 levels.
1) 9 Payments of $50 - One Module available a Month No Bonus Modules (upgrade available after Module 4 to get Bonus Mods with 10th payment of $50)
2) 5 Payments of $80 - 1-2 Modules available a Month with 3 Bonus Modules at the end.
3) 1 Payment of $350 - All Modules and Bonus Modules available day one. They can complete as quickly as they want.

I'm giving 50% Commissions to Affiliates. I know this is a low ticket item. I'm trying to help people get out of debt and making it any higher would feel like I'm one of those Debt Consolidation companies taking 50% of what you send them for 24 months.