Task Management Challenge For Business Owners

Money 04/09/2022
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Are you at capacity and feel you can’t grow further?

Are you having trouble, in general, scaling your business?

Have you reached a revenue plateau and can’t figure out why?

It may be because you’re spending too much time IN your business and not enough
time ON it! ❌

And that means you’re trying to do everything yourself.

This is the WRONG way to grow.

You may have real fear around delegating tasks that YOU should not be doing.

It’s a common pitfall of business owners and CEOs and most go through it at some
point in their career—usually at the beginning.

You're surrounded by bottlenecks and it's time to get back to business.

Finally, The Ultimate Task Management Challenge that will help you win back 5+ hours per week -- FAST and will help position your team to get more done.

Task Management Challenge is a 5-day challenge with the goal of helping business owners who are at capacity to clear their plates in less than five days.

Each day will consist of video training that show business owners how to effectively off-load non-revenue tasks so they can focus more so on visionary tasks that grow the business.