Expat Couples Summit

Relationships 04/10/2022
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The Expat Couples Summit is the first ever online summit for people in expat relationships. More than 15 Experts working on Expat Relationships share their knowledge and hands-on tips in more than 12h of on-demand content. We cover topics like improving communication, intercultural relationships, infidelity, break-up and divorce, making fresh starts, working as a team, and more.

Here are 5 Reasons the expat couples’ summit is so special and why you wouldn’t want to miss it:

1. Uniqueness: It’s the first ever event where all the topics are about moving for work and how it impacts relationships. The summit answers questions such as: What can be useful to enrich my partnership? What challenges might I face? What would be essential to know, that might be different than for sedentary relationships?
2. Accessibility: We know you won't necessarily have time to attend with your partner but that's the beauty of it, you don't have to! Just listen to the interviews and take away what will be helpful to you. If you have a ticket, you have until 21 October to listen to the sessions you want (longer with the VIP pass).
3. For serial expats or newbies: you will learn something new and find out more about other couples who have additional layers to their expat journey (like how not to accidentally out gay friends or realising that your friend’s husband is out of town most of the time)
4. The line up of speakers is amazing. They are taking part in this summit because they are convinced it is adding value to the world and not another seminar that is selling you something at the end. The speakers are academics who share research, authors who give the story behind the story, coaches who support couples, expats who have lived this life for many years and a new(ish) husband on the scene. See the full list of speakers on www.expatcouplessummit.com
5. Two couples have agreed to be interviewed. This is a scoop! Have you ever had the opportunity to ask a long-lasting expat couple how they have navigated the miscommunications, the vulnerabilities and how they have seized the opportunities? We’ve done it and you can listen in to our conversation with them! Two former top executives open up about investing in their marriages while having demanding jobs. We asked the hard questions and they rose to the challenge, sharing about their personal and couple growth, and how to enrich their relationship as their children leave home.