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Marc Lalonde Special Offer - Huge Discount on his popular products. One of the courses usually sells for $5000 on it's own.

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Meet Oliver: πŸ™ Introduction and Overview of The Octo-Content Model!

πŸ™ Oliver Introduces and Explains The Octo-Content Model!

Session 1: πŸ“ Content Creation!

Session 2: 🎯 Optimize/Finalize Pillar Content!

Session 3: βš™οΈ Automated Webinars!

Session 4: πŸ€” Am I Live or am I Memorex?

Session 5: 🎨 Creating your Custom Quote Images and Cover Art!

Session 6: 🎬 Creating Lead-Capturing Video Clips!

Session 7: πŸ”‰ Creating Audio for YOUR Podcast and Alexa Skills!

Session 8: 🏠 If you don’t have a Blog you’re basically Homeless!

Session 9: πŸ’» Populating your Perfect Blog Post with Content!

Session 10: πŸŽ™οΈ Creating your RSS Feed, Channel Art and Submitting your Podcast to iTunes!

Session 11: πŸ—£οΈ Creating your Amazon Alexa Flash Briefing Skill!

SESSION 12: πŸ™ Syndicating to all Social Media Platforms!