3-day Fall Camp

Services 19/10/2022
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Grace Freeman
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Don't miss a fun camp of crafting, singing and scavenging at my house from 1-3 November!

On the theme of pumpkins and cardboard skeletons (including a funny bones dog!). We also be carving a jack o'lantern! The idea is that nothing that we use will go to waste!, so that on the second day we will make pumpkin pie with our filling.

On the second day there will be a scavenger hunt to let off some steam and build up an appetite!

On the third day, as usual there will be an opportunity to do some art, and we have opted for scary minecraft characters.

In the afternoon we will be doing our own drama show using some of the skeletons (and minecraft characters) we made over the first two days

The instructions to get to my house are on the sign-up form, which is compulsory to fill out even for parents w ho have already sent their children to one of my camps.

The camp will run on all three days, unless there are less than 3 signed up. There is the possibility to sign up for one to three days, and also for two children for the whole camp. Payments are made directly over the platform I am using, with a secure credit card system. You will receive an e-mail after you buy your spot, and an invitation to fill out the information form with the days you are sending your child/ren.

See you there! Grace