Lo Shu Numerology Video Course

Hobbies 22/10/2022
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Lo Shu Numerology
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Discover the fastest way to start giving readings with the Lo Shu numerology grid. This course will show you everything you need to get started giving fun and fascinating readings, in less time than you thought possible!

If you want to give readings but don’t know which system to use…

...if you picked a system but got overwhelmed with how much there was to learn…

...if you're about to give up in frustration because there’s no way you’ll get good enough to give a powerful reading…

Then this is the video course you need to see today!

Aimed at magicians and mentalists, but good for anyone interested in learning to give numerology readings. Comprehensive video course with added bonuses.

The course has a 20% commission and the Lo Shu deck has a 10% commission (due to hard costs and shipping).