hi® Women's 21-Day MakeOver

Physical products 09/11/2022
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Discover A Secret of Women Who Look 10 Years Younger than They Are! The hi® Women's 21-Day Makeover is a powerful way to look and feel younger - and more alive. It combines the latest breakthroughs in nutrition and lifestyle enhancement with the special benefit that has been proven in studies to be one of the "missing links" in looking younger. From there you learn powerful confidence techniques developed by the renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Maxwell Maltz. These special exercises help boost your self-acceptance and charisma. So you radiate your natural beauty on the inside and outside.

ALSO - as a bonus, this includes access to the hi® Couples 3-Step Transformation class! This can be promoted separately as well (with the couples massage program as the bonus). Here are the details:


Discover a simple, very powerful technique that brings excitement back to your bedroom. The hi® Couples 3-Step Transformation is a way both you and your partner's needs can be taken care of. Each of you agrees to give the other an easy 15-minute massage once a week. This simple ritual becomes a powerful way to keep things exciting while strengthening your connection together. At the end of the course, virtually everyone continues doing the weekly massage - because they really look forward to it - and it becomes an important part of their relationship.