MHERO: The Mental Health Empowerment & Responsiveness Online Training Course

Health 15/11/2022
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Most people recognize that the Mental Health niche is a booming industry right now, especially since the pandemic.
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Here's the course content:

Step 1: Your Story, Your Breakthrough

(How your pain can be a catalyst for breakthrough: Mia—the course instructor—shares how she went from nearly taking her life to helping others overcome mental health challenges)

Step 2: Identifying Signs & Symptoms Of Crisis
(You'll learn how to recognize when someone—including yourself—is experiencing a mental health crisis, even if you have no experience)

Step 3: How To Find And Give Help
(If you saw signs before and were clueless on what to do, you’ll now know how to help and who to guide the person to)

Step 4: A Biblical Case Study
(You’ll be able to learn that even popular Bible heroes—even a great prophet—went through a mental health challenge, and see how God dealt with him!)

Step 5: Improving Self-Care
(Learn how to detox your brain of negative thoughts in 4 easy steps, and how to improve your relationships by taking care of yourself)

Step 6: Turning Bad Grief Into "Good" Grief
(Learn powerful tips on how to grieve well)

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