Consistent Creator's Content Calendar

Templates 22/11/2022
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No more worrying about how you can be consistent

No more worrying about what to post next. 

Get this 12-sheet content calendar template designed to help make your content process easier and more organized.


The Consistent Creator’s Content Calendar

What's inside the content calendar template?

There are 12 sheets which are as follows:
1. Start Here  - Instructions on how to use the template
2. Content Strategy - Where you list all your content platforms and your content schedule
3. A Year in Goals - A place where you can write your goals in detail
4. Stats  - Track your statistics on all your platforms
5. Monthly Calendar Template - A fillable sheet where you will input your blog posts as well as other content you will be publishing on other platforms
6. Pain Points - List down all your audience pain points here to gather content ideas
7. Post Ideas - An area to brainstorm all your post ideas based on the Pain Points sheet
8. Investment Tracker - A place to track your blog profit and expenses
9. Blogging Task List - List all your blogging tasks per week and track your progress
10. Pinterest Pins Tracking Sheet - A sheet to track the pins you've created for each blog post and a masterfile of your description & keywords to use for a specific post
11. Twitter Tracking Sheet - A sheet to house all your scheduled tweets as well as any Twitter Retweet accounts
12. Instagram Hashtag Sheet - Organise your Instagram hashtags & their hashtag groups

All sales are final and non-refundable.

Ready to get your copy of the Consistent Creator's Content Calendar?

Note: Product was created using Microsoft Excel and can also be opened with Numbers. To access it on the go, you can upload the file in your Google Sheets or Google Drive.