Command Listing - Real Estate Single Property Websites for Realtors and Investors

Services 02/01/2023
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Command Listing
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Command Listing is a service that saves real estate agents and investors a ton of time and money.

We offer Single Property Websites as a Service.

Superior, done-for-you, single-property websites that are delivered fast, and save you time and money.

Agents and Investors who would like to promote their properties often create Single Property Websites to advertise these properties. Many do-it-yourself services exist out there that facilitate creating websites. We are different!

We recognize that in most instances the time investors and agents spend in front of a computer working with do-it-yourself systems is better spent working on their next deal!

That's where Command Listing comes in. The customer makes a purchase, sends us a few pieces of information, and we get started working on creating an awesome site they can use for their marketing. Most of the information we collect only once unless the customer wants to change it, so for the 2nd and on websites, the process is even faster, saving them even more time!

We offer three packages and each offers a 20% commission:

Standard Delivery (2-3 Days)
* Start Me Right - $30 ($6 commission)
* Help Me Sell - $50 ($10 commission)
* Pro's Choice - $75 ($15 commission)

1-Day Delivery:
* Start Me Right - $55 ($11 commission)
* Help Me Sell - $85 ($17 commission)
* Pro's Choice - $125 ($25 commission)

* Live Chat - $15 ($3 commission)

Our packages are designed to satisfy a variety of needs that can fit many different budgets.

We keep a running log of the sites we build at and

We deliver sites in 1-3 days depending on the package and Power-Ups the customer purchases.