*UPDATED SALES PAGE* The 14 Day Shred Health and Fitness Challenge for Women in the USA and Canada

Health 05/02/2023
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Want an Extra $1,383 Each Month??

If you only sold four (4) 14 Day Shred Challenges per day without upsells or order bumps (which you absolutely get commission on by the way), you would make an extra $1,383.60 per month to be exact just by having a link on your blog or website, and/or promoting it via email or social media!

If you made 12 sales per day you would earn about $4,289/ month and an extra $51,000 a year!!!

A funnel built to convert! 100% Digital Downloads, quick and easy for you and the customer!

Step 0: Send the customer to the funnel through an opt-in, blog post, or your best marketing tactics.

Step 1: The customer buys the 14 Day Shred Health and Fitness Challenge

Step 2: What about a healthy eating guide as the perfect compliment? Customers can purchase this with a ONE CLICK UPSELL. (get the graphics from the info page above)

Feel free to use images and text from the sales page, but for best conversion results, get your email swipes for an email series, graphics to the offers you cannot see unless you purchase, affiliate link and more information from the info page above!

Thank you for promoting! Let’s make some money!