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Services 22/02/2023
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4 months
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Automated payments: yes
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Using an AI Chatbot on your website is an excellent lead magnet source to capture new customer leads while delivering a positive viewer experience.

We offer a 20% commission on each sale (The sale price is US$795.00). In addition, we offer an extra 20% commission on each monthly recurring revenue.

Generating US$100K (and more) per year is very achievable. All payments are automated and payout is on the 10th of each month. You can track your commissions owing inside your designated online dashboard.

We provide a comprehensive excel spreadsheet to demonstrate your earning ability.

Our company BusinessProfitGrowth is located in New Zealand [].

Our core business provides strategic planning and support for ambitious companies wanting to grow.

We also provide leading-edge AI (artificial intelligence) technologies for new customer lead generation, where AI Automated Chatbots are one of our service offerings.

A full Affiliate Toolkit is provided, which includes -
- A Landing Page (Optional - if you want to build an e-mail list),
- E-mail Swipes,
- Graphic Materials (for promoting on social media)
- Business Case Presentations

Let us know if you need any further information.

We WANT YOU to be successful!

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