AI Chatbots with ChatGPT Integration

Services 22/02/2023
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Using an AI Chatbot on your website is an excellent lead magnet source to capture new customer leads while delivering a positive viewer experience.

We offer a 20% commission on each sale (The sale price starts from US$495.00). In addition, we offer an extra 20% commission on each monthly recurring revenue.

Our company BusinessProfitGrowth is located in New Zealand [].

Our core business provides strategic planning and support for ambitious companies wanting to grow.

We also provide leading-edge AI (artificial intelligence) technologies for new customer lead generation, where AI Chatbots are one of our service offerings.

A full Affiliate Toolkit is provided, which includes -
- A Landing Page (Optional - if you want to build an e-mail list),
- E-mail Swipes,
- Graphic Materials (for promoting on social media)
- Business Case Presentations

Let us know if you need any further information.

We WANT YOU to be successful!

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