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Templates 08/03/2023
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Sales System In a Box: For B2B CEOs who need to get out of the sales department. A proven, step-by-step set of sales processes, videos, templates, and tools to scale your business and guide your sales team to success.
Here's what you get to help you scale:

Over an hour of videos to guide you through every step.
22 questions to ask a Sales Manager job candidate to make sure they know what they are doing.
118 questions you can choose from to ask a salesperson to keep from wasting time and (your) money.
How to set sales goals. Plus, a sales goal attainment worksheet for each salesperson.
A Sales Playbook template, with content. It's the heart of your system.
The Sales Manager’s Checklist. 12 steps to keep your team pumped, motivated, and in harmony.
A PDF copy of my 588-page sales training course, How to be a Professional Salesperson. You get this essential tool to make sure each member of your sales team is well-trained to get your prospects to say, “I’m in!”
Cold call calling and voicemail scripts that get your prospect to engage and call back.
How to craft your elevator pitch so they want to learn more.
A set of objection-handling techniques to deal with any customer.
Examples and the importance of developing correct and effective Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
A series of sales audit questions for all parts of your team so you can gauge their competency.
Qualifying questions to make sure your salespeople aren’t wasting time with prospects who will never buy.
A Cadence Calendar template. A process to ensure your team is doing everything in synch. Including email and call sequencing.
Dozens of qualifying and open-ended questions to have your prospects tell you how to sell to them!
Power questions that will separate your team from the average sellers.
The right way to deliver a demo to get engagement and buy-in.
A meeting follow-up template to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.
An effective approach to doing pipeline reviews. You'll know which deals are coming in, and when.
Having meaningful 1:1’s so you build a loyal team that delivers for you.