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Money 22/03/2023
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Lesley Notton
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Promote this offer and earn $348.95 for every person you refer who upgrades to the paid program, the Content Conversion Lab. (Email to set up your affiliate link for this) PLUS, earn 25% commission for everyone who upgrades to the VIP Ticket for the April event, Sales On Demand!
Here's the info for the free event:

Introduction: Master the Art of Creating High-Converting Content for Social Media & Email with this FREE 5-Day Course and Sell Out Your Offers, Fast!

🔥 Day 1: How To Unlock More Sales, Leads, and Traffic With Your Content
In this training you will uncover the biggest mistakes 99% of Business Owners make with their content (& how to fix it so you don’t lose face) and exactly what content you must share on social media to generate sales daily

🔥 Day 2: The Stranger To Sale Framework
On Day 2 you’ll learn sales psychology and why people buy - and how to encourage them to buy from you - without having to get on sales calls or live launch every month

🔥 Day 3: The Persuasion Pyramid
Do you struggle to write copy that resonates with your target audience and motivates them to take action? If so, you're not alone. Writing effective copy is a skill that takes time and practice to develop.

That's why on Day 3, Lesley is revealing The Persuasion Pyramid - her proven framework that simplifies the copywriting process and helps you create persuasive, click-worthy content.

🔥 Day 4: Mastering The Art Of Ethical Persuasion
If you want your content to convert you have to do ONE THING: persuade people to purchase.

However, persuasion can be a double-edged sword.

In this session, you will learn how to master the art of ethical persuasion and create persuasive content that not only converts but also builds trust and credibility with your audience.

🔥 Day 5: The 2 Copywriting Formulas That Will 10X Your Sales
And in this final training Lesley is giving you her two top-secret powerful sales formulas that you can use straight away to increase your conversions, opt-ins for your events, lead magnet and of course, get more sales & sign more clients! (You definitely won’t want to miss this one!)


You can send people to the FREE event, Sales On Demand which is happening on 3rd-7th April 2023 and then after the event, you can choose to send people to the event replay (promoted as a free course) or straight to the sales page for the Content Conversion Lab.

(I’ll update this page soon with more info on the Content Conversion Lab!)