Marketing your Small Business Online 21-Day Course

Money 30/03/2023
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Market this offer for course sales and upsell. 50% commission front end!

Aimed at SME owners who have been unsuccessful marketing their business and generating leads on the internet.

A full 21-day course with action plans and exercises to get people's business up and running.

Day 1: Introduction to marketing your business online
Day 2 Your ideal client profiles: demographics
Day 3 Your ideal client profiles: The Price Is Right
Day 4 Your ideal client profiles: Finding the Pain Points
Day 5 Your ideal client profiles: What’s their irresistible offer
Day 6 The Like Me Moment: Brand persona
Day 7 The Like Me Moment: Likeable character
Day 8 The Like Me Moment: Storytelling
Day 9 Platforms: LinkedIn
Day 10 Twitter
Day 11 Platforms: Facebook
Day 12 Platforms: Instagram
Day 13 Platforms: Google Maps
Day 14 Content marketing: Research
Day 15 Content marketing: Idea creation
Day 16 Content marketing: Planning
Day 17 Content marketing: Scheduling
Day 18 Strategy: Building On Strengths
Day 19 Strategy: Working with Opportunities
Day 20 Strategy: Content planning
Day 21 Pulling it all together