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Services 28/11/2023
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This course guides you through the real automation hero - paid ads.

We set up your meta pages, an ads manager and get it all connected the right way before you even think about creating your first ad. This is vital to follow if you're not wanting to get shut down (and who the hell wants that?)

🔘 Step by step set up of meta pages and ads manager

🔘 Guided strategy how to do this the right way
(and not be shut down)

🔘 How to create your first ads and understand them simply!

🔘 How to read the metrics and optimise

🔘 Create custom and lookalike audiences

🔘 Understand retargeting campaigns

🔘 Continue learning with 1:1 or mastermind support if needed

This truly is the course to help get you started with ads, the right way. ESPECIALLY, if you have a account already as this is what is referred to often throughout the course.

PLUS - it's an affiliate offer itself, so if you choose to share it, you make a commission of your own.