Check Mate The Matrix

Services 05/12/2023
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We teach people how to check mate the matrix by creating an online business with multiple streams of income. It is a community led group with tons of educational video contect plus live coaching calls on a weekly basis.
The business model for the students is content creation using mainly tiktok but them moving to youtube.
The community part is on the platform. The community itself has many different classrooms for the different business methods and asset protection systems that people can learn.
Not only do people learn how to create income but they also learn how to protect their income and wealth with asset protection and asset manegement. All for a monthly recurring fee.
Contect creation is a huge market now, and this course come community program will teach people how to create good content, show them how to make it viral through algorithm research and how to push it to a maximin audience.
Affiliates can earn 40% commission by promoting this funnel.