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Money 24/01/2024
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Julianne Condia
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This mini-course is for those who are creating, launching, and selling your digital products.

­č¬ädetermine what you're going to make your digital product about
­č¬ädetermine what you're going to show people and teach people
­č¬ädetermine what problem your digital product solves
­č¬ästrategies for market research
­č¬ästrategies for making sure your digital product will work
­č¬ähow to create a standout digital product
­č¬äcreate a unique selling proposition
­č¬ädetermine your product type
­č¬ädevelop your product layout - make a plan for creating, launching, and selling your product
­č¬ähow to price your digital product
­č¬ähow to sell your digital product
­č¬ästrategies to drive traffic and make sales
­č¬älegal documents needed for your digital product
­č¬äBONUS: lead magnet ideas, examples, and my best practices for how to use them

14-module micro course
Bonus: ebook and guide templates

**Please be aware that you won't be eligible for affiliate commissions on your purchase should you choose to acquire the course for yourself.