One to One : Online Salesforce Training - Turkish or English

Software 26/01/2024
Commission rate
0% - 10%
First tier
Second tier
Commissions earned
All time
Past 30 days
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8 months
4 affiliates
Automated payments: no
Offer description:
This is the One to One training will be handled hourly training.

Rate of the prices will change due to how many hours lesson is bought by the customers.

Payment will be made with payoneer and minimum payout is 50$.

There is a bunch of different products so payout amount can change depend of which product and how many hours are sold.

This is a kind of custom training and customers can change the product contents.

This is one time payment. Bur high amount.

After selling product we meet the customers and assign specific date and time and we consume the hours with zoom or microsoft team meeting.

This is one to one live class. If there is more than one person in the meeting is not allowed.

If customers are selecting group classes we organize group class and will add an payment option of the class members. So you will still get income for this condition also.