Losing Weight with a Slow Thyroid

Health 27/01/2024
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Tired of always being tired? Tired of achy joints? Infertility? Extra Weight? Slow Metabolism? Ready to not only take back your Life but help others do the same while earning money at the same time? This E-Book is 100% what you need. Invest now, get the instant download and start changing your Life.

Over 90 pages of experience based help
Info on the PowerHouse Nutrients that FEED your thyroid and make it thrive
Information on how important your thyroid actually is, so that you understand how important feeding it actually is
Over 40 PowerHouse nutrient recipes with REAL ingredients not weird ingredients. Ingredients you actually have in your home or buy already
Workout routines and schedules written specifically for your thyroid
Body Style Education
Supplement Advice
Body Image and why it affects your success
All the information you need to take control of your body starting at your thyroid, written by a woman who lives with only HALF her thyroid and has been exactly where you are