Jack Does Digital - Pinterest Management Services: Empower Your Clients with Visual Marketing Mastery

Services 29/01/2024
Commission rate
20% - 30%
First tier
Second tier
Commissions earned
All time
Past 30 days
Sales page:
10 months
12 affiliates
Automated payments: no
Offer description:
As an affiliate of Jack Does Digital's Pinterest services, you have the unique opportunity to provide substantial value to your email lists and clients. With a 20% commission on both one-time and monthly fees, our program is an excellent way for you to enhance your offerings and profitability.

Our Pinterest management packages, including Bronze, Silver, and Gold, are tailored for a range of needs - from startups and solo entrepreneurs to established businesses and large-scale marketers. Our expert team is dedicated to elevating your clients' Pinterest presence, ensuring that their brands captivate the target audience with highly engaging, SEO-optimized content.


Bronze Package: Ideal for getting started with 1 account, 3 boards, and daily pin creation.
Silver and Gold Packages: Advanced options for managing multiple accounts, with increased pin creation and strategic marketing efforts.
All packages include custom content strategies, SEO optimization, and detailed analytics tracking for effective performance assessment.

Ideal For:
Our packages are perfect for anyone looking to harness the power of Pinterest. From those taking their first steps in digital marketing to seasoned marketers seeking to maximize their online impact, there’s a plan for every level.

Affiliate Opportunity:
Join us as an affiliate and earn a 20% commission on all packages. This is not just an earning opportunity but a chance to provide your clients with a service that's increasingly in demand in the digital marketing landscape.

Boost Your and Your Clients’ Audience Today:
Recommend Jack Does Digital's Pinterest management services and help your clients transform their online presence with proven Pinterest strategies.