VIP Email Society - Evergreen High Ticket Webinar

Money 29/03/2024
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LJ Aviles
4 years
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Promote this High Ticket Webinar offer and earn up to $400 per sale PLUS Recurring commissions.

Get Done For You Traffic you from my VIP Advertising, The most reliable traffic for VIP Email Society and your Business Opportunity and Make Money Online Affiliate Offers:

Your leads will have lifetime cookies, meaning your leads are hardcoded with you as the affiliate. For the leads who don't purchase from our webinar, we will continue to promote our Low Ticket Products for you, and you will earn 20%-50% affiliate commissions from our other products. 🔥

PLUS You will also earn 10% Commission on Your Level 2 Sales, meaning when your leads make sales you'll earn 10% commission from their sales. 🔥

PLUS lifetime commissions on the backend. We will continue to promote other products for You to earn a commission from. 🔥


The Webclass will show your leads how I've been able to make over $10k in 30 days using the A.S.S. Method. They are then invited to work with me so that I can help them setup their own A.S.S. Method.

If your lead qualifies then they will be offered our VIP Email Society product. For leads who do not qualify will then be offered some of our lower ticket products so that you can still earn a commission from all of your leads.


Potential Affiliate Commissions will range from $3.50 - $400 per sell as well as a potential of recurring commissions. 🚀

I look forward to paying you out huge commissions every month!