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Hobbies 11/01/2021
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This is the Rapstar Jumpstart Academy is going to guide you through all the important steps in the music business. We have the following Modules:

Module 1 - The Bulletproof Winner Mentality
We are going to get you a bulletproof winner mindset and tools that keep you on track. How you get the mindset that forces you to win! You’re going to learn to rewire your brain so that there won’t be anything between you and your goals!...

It will fascinate you to have this crystal clear strategy that you can execute immediately and break all mental barriers that are holding you back...

Module 2 - Music Business Fundamentals
Here I break down all the fundamentals from Copyright to Master Rights, Music Publishing, and Music Royalties! Very easy explained so you can earn all the hidden royalties you simply don’t know about yet and much more...

Module 3 - Music Creation
Here I’ve partnered up with one of the most successful producers from Germany who produced for almost everybody noteworthy in the German rap scene….

Module 4: Music Distribution
In this chapter, I will give you all the knowledge to set up proper distribution channels like Rockstars Online and Offline and also how to get on the radio
And not only that but you will also learn how to properly declare your music and how to list it on all important entities – so that music officials find your music information instantly… and please, believe me, there is more to it than just signing up with Distrokid or Tunecore…

Module 5: Music Marketing
Here you‘re going to learn how to localize your target audience and help you to understand who they are, where they are, and how to market to them the most effective way!

You‘re going to learn strategies for free organic marketing on Social Media that are working like crazy, and also how to run paid ads like a marketing agency on all important platforms...

And you will also learn different hacks that will allow you to operate like a big company for low to zero investment, for example, you are going to learn how to pass out 40,000Mixtapes for less than $50…

Module 6: Career Funding
Here you will learn a pretty simple and extremely efficient strategy to get your music career funded while staying in control of 100% of all your rights and royalties...

Module 7: Monetization
You’ll also learn how to get bookings even without a big following… And one of the things you will learn in particular is how you can become the open up act for big artists – and how you get paid doing it…

This will be a major eye-opening experience for you are going to be able to quit your 9-5 and make a living off your music within 6-12 months...

Module 8: Music Management
Here you‘ll learn how to find the right manager for your situation. When to get a Manager and what key components you need to watch out for in the contract...

Overall, you‘ll get the best and most professional music business program to market, manage, and monetize your music career, which will finally enable you to have your musical breakthrough...

And you‘re going to learn all that in the Rapstar Jumpstart Academy