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Relationships 08/07/2021
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Christoph Weigert
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Hey there,

the funnel is based around the e and audio version of my book Imagination: The Secret Nobody Talks About.

Total Cart Value: 151€

Commission: 40% plus 5% 2nd tier

With the book comes an order bump that contains an guided imagination meditation and an audio with 30+ imagination, Social Freedom (stop caring what other´s think of you) and breathwork exercises.

The upsell contains an instructional video with almost secret taoist exercises that increase:

-physical power + flow
--> people reach their goals faster

Bonuses of the upsell:
-Turn On Massage + Meditation , learn different touch love languages to connect with your partner on a deeper level, increase sexual arousal/energy, more fun...

-Charisma interview with the world´s first Charisma Coach...good for business, networking, dating, a more fun life

-4 Group Coaching Sessions with me to make the lessons stick

The Upsell itself can also be promoted.

Here is promotional material that you can use:

For any questions please contact me:

+4917696067111 (Telegram, WhatsApp, Signal)