The Profitable Social Boss Coaching Program

Services 25/08/2021
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The Profitable Social Boss™
3 years
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The Profitable Social Boss Program for Solopreneurs allows you to become a Profitable Social Boss by using the 4 Cs Framework that helps you build and market your business online.

There are 3 coaching packages to choose from:
✔︎ 6 Session
✔︎ 10 sessions
✔︎ 15 sessions

🤑Each package offers affiliates 30% commission with a potential to earn from $1075 to up to $2300 in commissions!

🤑All commissions will be processed every 28th of the month.

Choose five different tracks:
⭐️Social Media,
⭐️Buyer Persona & Messaging, and
⭐️Creating Your Signature Offer.

✔︎ Female Solopreneurs
✔︎ Beautypreneurs (e-comm retailers selling beauty products)
✔︎ Coachpreneurs (Life, finance, wellness, holistic coaches, etc.)
✔︎ Fitnesspreneurs: (Yoga insturctors, trainers, nutritionists, etc.)
✔︎ Bizpreneurs: (OBMs, VAs, Social Media Managers)
✔︎ Those who feel lost, overwhelmed, and tired of not making money online!
✔︎ Those ready to achieve their most ambitious goals without sacrificing time, energy, and money!