Video Traffic Accelerator Course [Beta Launch]

Money 04/10/2021
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PhiL Wilson
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The Video Traffic Accelerator is the ultimate YouTube course for getting high converting visitors into your business. Using the Video Traffic Accelerator, I was able to get over 14,000 visitors over an 8 month period who converted into sales at a 20% conversion rate. This is perfect for anyone who wants traffic to their business (which is everyone) so this is going to help a LOT of people get more success.

There is also an upgrade to my Video Affiliate Masterclass which is a module that compliments the VTA Course and shares how I make daily passive income using the VTA, how to find the best offers and how to get the best chance of fast success with YouTube and Affiliate Marketing.

Both courses are currently in BETA meaning I'm giving access much cheaper than the final price PLUS I'm going to give as much support as possible to get students results so I can use them as testimonials.

Video Traffic Accelerator = $197
Video Affiliate Masterclass (Upsell) = $67

Looking for more traffic, jump on in and get your network to join through your affiliate link! See you on the inside.

Note: It is prohibited to purchase this course through your own affiliate link. Any users found to do this will be banned from the course and affiliate program.

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