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The ONLY way to make passive income with only copy/paste, tested by more than 850 students!
And how, you too, can easily make $3k/month...
We'll show you the magical method that allows us to create 100% automatic income with only 10 minutes of work per day, (you don't have to do anything else)...


With our method, you will learn
✔︎ 5 minutes to find the BEST niche market to allow you to make your first sales and create the snowball effect ...

✔︎ How psychology influences your success and how to manipulate your own brain and format it for entrepreneurship.

✔︎ The 3 GOLDEN Rules to reference and boost your sales (We'll tell you EVERYTHING ).

✔︎ The 4 sites we use to give you the inspiration to find the best designs in minutes.

✔︎ What is INPI? You'll see, it's easy.

✔︎ The technique (which has saved us from stupidly wasting time) to create a design without software.

✔︎ You are not an artist, but an entrepreneur? Here is how to find talented designers, not too expensive, and who can bring BIG.

✔︎ The power of the VECTORIAL format and how to use it to your advantage for free ...

✔︎ I reveal to you the most powerful marketplace (shhh, try to keep this to yourself if you don't want everyone to jump on it) and above all, how to use it well.

✔︎ Establish yourself in the biggest marketplace in the world, simply and with a few clicks (and with a little patience, of course) : set prices, translate your product sheets...

✔︎ Learn the technique (which has saved us from stupidly wasting time) to create a design without software.

✔︎ A list of Exercises so you can take action and get results fast!

✔︎ How to Master SEO to get quickly placed on Marketplaces.

✔︎ How to scale and grow your business with very little effort ... but lots of results!

✔︎ The secret of automatic income, in 3 clicks, with this marketplace.

✔︎ Protect yourself from the villains: how to start a business, understand license rights, and how to bypass them to sell in POD? (A bit boring, but necessary).

✔︎ Diversify your sources of income with this tip: when you taste it, it's hard to do without!

✔︎ And many more ...

=== Who are we? ===

"My name is Thomas Gio and I am an Entrepreneur in digital marketing.

Since the end of 2016, I have been living the life of my dreams thanks to E-commerce, digital marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Today I'm helping hundreds of people who want to achieve crazy results to change their life and be happy!

I have been doing Print On Demand for 4 years and I am the French speaking expert in this field! "

"I am Pierre, I am 30 years old , 1 child, I live in Haute Savoie and I am an entrepreneur.

Since 2018, I have made a living from my Print On Demand business, spending less than 5 minutes a day!

I started in 2016 with $0 in my pocket and I can now support my family thanks to this activity!

So I took the opportunity to develop my passion and develop a print-on-demand business to live out my dream life. "