Money 20/11/2021
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2 years, 5 months
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Offer description:
1 gem crypto (x10 minimum) per month during 1 year in your mailbox.

People interested in the offer lack time to search for high potential crypto projects.
As a result, by the time the information reaches these people, it is often too late and they invest in a hurry.
I propose to do this work and to highlight one project per month without any incentive to buy (because nobody is guessing). The goal is for members to make their own opinion before investing, I am not a financial advisor (I repeat this constantly in my emails).

The product is: 1 email describing an interesting project (potential x10 minimum) + links to the necessary resources to dig into the subject + Where and how to buy it if the person is interested.
It costs 97€ for 1 year and 12 gem crypto. Automatic renewal every year but cancellation of renewal possible by simple email.

I offer a crypto through the tunnel and explain my selection method so that people can judge my seriousness.

I have a sales page in French and one in English.

Thanks in advance to all those who will share this product with their community.

PS: For any additional questions, I am available by email at