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Software 10/12/2021
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The Best Retargeting Links for Marketers and Agencies

Lin-ked provides a more reliable and cost-effective way to shorten, track, and turbo-charge your marketing! Create brandable retargeting links that integrate directly with your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Adwords, Pinterest, Quora, and Bing ad campaigns!

How Lin-ked Works (Video demo on page)
Put your links to work with Pixel Link! Increase click-through-rate and conversions by simply adding smart features, custom domains, and embedded pixels via retargeting links to your digital marketing campaigns.

Build custom audiences with retargeting links

Build custom audiences with Lin-ked by adding embedded pixels from your favorite ad networks to every single link you share on the internet. Our retargeting links can turn any influencer or affiliate network into a marketing machine. Leverage our technology to create high converting audiences for retargeting campaigns, with user-specific content, all on autopilot.

Grow your email list with opt-in popups

Lin-ked can turbo-charge your retargeting links with an email opt-in that will prompt each visitor to sign-up for your newsletter or mailing list.

Create a Call-to-action overlay

Use Lin-ked to increase engagement and drive traffic to your website by adding call-to-action overlays on any external content that you share.

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