Therapy Mastery

Health 05/03/2022
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Nick Zanetti
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The ultimate program to support a health therapist to become a successful therapist ready to attract their ideal clients.

This contains

1 video lessons (23 hours) to teach all the steps to become a successful therapist

2 weekly (2 per week) group coaching sessions on Zoom

3 dedicated Facebook group for support and accountability

As an affiliate earn 20% of the price of the program when you manage to do a direct sale, this is equivalent to 166 £

See, to be a therapist (not a student nor a theorist) you need to apply your knowledge and your skills to help clients improve their health.

This is the ONLY parameter that will make you a successful therapist.
As a therapist you help people to improve their health and you do so as a business.

And at this stage you can already start to see the two problems of rushing to open your practice right now without CLEARLY understand the next steps.
We have just highlighted 2 issues:

1. to be a therapist you need to help clients and to do so well… you need clients, right? And this is the biggest issue of most health therapists, being unable to generate a predictable flow of clients
2. And this brings the second issue. Not only you need clients to become a great therapist, but you also need paying client to be able to do this as a business and not as a charity