➡️ Boat Buying Blueprint (Up To $114 Commission Per Sale)

Hobbies 23/03/2022
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The Boat Buying Blueprint is a world exclusive course which teaches students how to buy a boat at the best price possible.

Created by an ex boat dealer (turned marine consultant) who has helped clients buy boats on a one-to-one basis, this course is helping boat buyers achieve savings of 30%+ off the asking prices of used boats.

What is this course worth to boat buyers?...

Considering that a boat is usually the second most expensive item a person owns (after their house), and considering that savings of over 30% have been achieved, the numbers can be very significant.

For anyone seriously looking to buy a boat, the small investment in this course is a no-brainer which will easily pay for itself many times over. Buyers are saving five figure sums on boat purchases and directly attributing these savings to the strategies and techniques learnt in the course.

Why should you consider promoting this course?

It's an easy sell, in an uncompetitive market. This is the only course of its kind in the world, there is a free PDF ebook lead magnet to encourage optins. The PPC opportunity is currently wide open, and if you choose this route you will have virtually no competition.

Our email sequence will provide value and build trust with potential purchasers, you just have to bring the traffic and wait for your extremely generous $98.50 / $103.50 / $114.00 (dependent on which payment plan if the client chooses) commissions to roll in.

Our marketing plan has always been to get our happy customers to do our marketing on our behalf, so we have always planned to be generous to our affiliates, and have built this into our margin.

The market is red hot at the moment. People see boats as perfect 'escape pods' which can act as off grid homes and allow complete freedom of movement in a turbulent and unpredictable world.

We have lots of very satisfied students and a consistently EXTREMELY low refund rate. So you can be confident to start promoting this well-respected course today!

N.B. White hat promotional methods only please. No black hat / negative promotional techniques to be used as our reputation is extremely important to us.