How to Prepare Your Scouting Trip for Success

Services 05/05/2022
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Preparing a Scouting Trip can be tricky. It's not a vacation and you need questions answered to determine if, when, and where you'll move abroad. This course gives you important tips to make sure you trip is a success!

After this course you’ll have:
➤ Clarity about your scouting trip goals
➤ Confidence that you are covering all your bases
➤ A Step-by-Step blueprint you can follow to make sure you are aligned with your life purpose and budget

➤ Easy to Follow: In just a few hours you will have all the ingredients to prepare your scouting trip, no matter where you are headed.

➤ Checklists and Worksheets: Downloadable material that covers all aspects of your scouting trip, so you don’t miss any details

➤ Personalized Support: The course includes an individual call so you can get all your questions answered.