Best Clickfunnels Alternative In 2020 (Cheaper And Easier To Use) 

The Best Clickfunnels Alternative You’ll Find in 2020

Internet entrepreneurs have tons of new and accessible options for quickly creating webpages that generate and convert leads. is a cost-effective, comprehensive internet marketing solution designed to manage your customer's entire experience, from funnel to close and beyond, whether you sell information, a service, or a physical product.

This review compares the experience to Clickfunnels, a competing internet marketing service.

Clickfunnels launched its internet marketing suite in 2014 and continues to maintain a strong following as a leader in this sector., launched in 2017, aims to improve the customer experience and software efficacy with turnkey internet marketing services at a lower price point.

This review compares the main software features of to Clickfunnels as well as the essential elements of the pricing and user experience.

Here’s everything you need to know to decide which business solution is best for your new or existing business.

1. Overview


Like software, Clickfunnels takes care of several aspects of internet marketing to help you capture and close your leads. 

To compare the two, we’ll examine the following: 

  • Operation/Ease of Use
  • Funnel building
  • Email 
  • Automation
  • Managing sales
  • Webinars
  • Affiliate management program
  • Price
  • Support

2. Operation/Ease of Use

Operation/Ease of Use and Clickfunnels share similar, intuitive interfaces

It takes a few clicks and a couple of minutes in either setup to create a funnel to collect email addresses or thank your website users for signing up or making a purchase. 

To use either, you need little computer experience to utilize the templates and customize them to suit your needs. 

Both layouts are clean and accessible, with most of what you need at your fingertips. 

The dashboards of both sites welcome you with a simple panel that contains current data for your sales and leads

You can see your progress at a glance and head to view more detailed statistics in other areas of the sites. shows you data for new leads and payments for whatever period you specify as well as live contacts or sales as they come in.

Clickfunnels dashboard breaks your site data down into opt-ins, gross revenue, successful purchases, and total page views as well

From there, Clickfunnels' dashboard descends into offers and events to help improve your funnel building experience. Both panels give you a clear picture of your sales/lead captures

It’s important to note that and recently Clickfunnels are both mobile responsive

You can simply update and manage your site on the go from your phone and optimize your funnels for mobile users on both platforms. 

3. Funnel Building

 funnel building

Clickfunnels funnel templates are simple to use and Clickfunnels both have very well-designed funnel creation pages. They offer relevant templates that you can customize in a few clicks. It only takes a minute or two to create a funnel in either space has a slight advantage in terms of ease of use, however. 

With the drag-and-drop tools available to the user, it is more convenient to design and customize a funnel in

You are free to make your funnel integrate more smoothly with the rest of your site because of the simplicity of the layout and number of options that you can manipulate, and without any coding knowledge. 

For those unfamiliar with website design or HTML, is easier to use. also offers a slight advantage to those with influence outside of the US as they provide the seamless flexibility to change currency as you create funnels as well

Clickfunnels allows for split testing to determine the effectiveness of each landing page before launch, while offers that to all except Startup-level users does, however, track more detailed enrollment and sales statistics for each funnel that you can use to refine your strategy, regardless of your subscription level. 

It is also important to note that Clickfunnels will only allow you to create up to 20 funnels across three different domains under the basic subscription

You are also limited to 100 subpages for each funnel unless you purchase the premium subscription provides an unlimited number of funnels for all subscribers. editor funnel creator offers a handy editing platform that is easy to customize

4. Email and Clickfunnels both offer email list creation, organization, and campaign elements as a part of their internet marketing service. 

They both allow you to tag contacts to better target your message to your users. They also include portals for email campaign development and management.

In Clickfunnels, this is part of the Actionetics dashboard that can help you coordinate broadcasts and follow-up funnels

Again, these services are only available when you subscribe to the Clickfunnels Platinum package

If you purchase the standard Clickfunnels package, you do not have access to these email features at all, which makes it challenging to leverage the user database that you’ve built with the funnels that you’ve created. 

Both sites require that you send emails from your own domain, but Clickfunnels’ STMP setup looks a bit daunting to your basic user

Once you are past that, it takes a few moments to click through and set up an email campaign or a broadcast.

Still, offers an easier to use approach to all of their subscribers. Creating campaigns is quite simple and follows more logically than Clickfunnel’s Actionetics section. 

Name it, then add emails, target them, and you’re on your way with 

Additionally, the email statistics that reports are a bit more detailed and help you tailor your email marketing

This component is well integrated and central to’s appeal. email statistics email statistics offer a concise snapshot 

Again, as with funnel creation, without any tech-savvy, you can coordinate a series of emails to your targeted customer base in a couple of minutes.  

For email campaigns, holds a fair advantage over Clickfunnels as superior email marketing tools are available to all clients

The campaign tool is easy to use, implement, and gauge success—all vital components of successful email marketing.

5. Automation


On the heels of’s email campaign tool, it is essential to discuss automation features between the two sites. allows you to easily incorporate automatic responses to triggers when your audience reacts or responds to your email or your website.

It enables you to select a trigger and then create an action that occurs automatically, like an automated email response, visual appearance, or update.

While you do this, also allows you to tag each lead/client as they are affected so that you can organize and follow up with your leads efficiently.

These automation prompts are particularly easy to construct within You select actions from a dropdown box to create rules for the software to follow. 

Then you have the option of taking these rules and combining them into workflows or systems of rules that are readily displayed

Clickfunnels offers Smart List Settings and follow-up or action funnels that allow you to reach out to your contact base by broadcasting posts or emails to audiences once your audience triggers that action, but only as part of the Platinum package

Though this feature is available in the premium Clickfunnels subscription, it is a bit clumsy and more challenging to follow at first if you lack web design skills. 

You can, if necessary, integrate Clickfunnels emails with other third-party platforms, like MailChimp or ConstantContact, if you also want to pay for those services. 

These features are only part of Clickfunnel’s Platinum subscription plan.

Standard users do not have access to these tools.

6. Managing sales

Managing sales

Both and Clickfunnels offer great sales management tools that make the process of selling goods and services simple. has a slight advantage in selling online courses, as that is well incorporated in the software.

Clickfunnels allows for integration with Shopify and Shipstation and other third-party apps to help further manage sales, especially with physical products. manages to incorporate most of those same sales records and tools without requiring you to purchase additional services

Clickfunnels and both support PayPal, Stripe, and other payment types, which is essential to reaching a wide-ranging, global audience. 

Additionally, they are both compatible with outside apps that can facilitate drop shipping of physical goods, etc.

7. Webinars


Both and Clickfunnels offer webinar functionality (for, this is Webinars level subscription and above).

You can stream pre-recorded webinars within either platform to build your following

Clickfunnels also supports live webinars at the platinum level.

Both offer accessible evergreen webinar coordination technology so that you can advertise these within your email marketing.

Further, they are simple to create in both. Both platforms allow you to create webinars as an option when you create a funnel.

In, creating an evergreen webinar takes only a few more clicks to organize your recordings.

8. Affiliate marketing management

Affiliate marketing and Clickfunnels both offer robust affiliate tracking features to quickly and accurately measure the success of your affiliate marketing strategies, results, and payments.

Both systems record and display that information in easy to digest formats.

In Clickfunnels, affiliate management is only available in the Backpack portion of the platform, only available to Platinum Package subscribers.

In, each contact on your email list is a viable affiliate. also reports value per contact and customer in the dashboard for a more accurate snapshot.

All subscribers have a thoughtfully integrated affiliate management panel within the software.

9. Pricing

Pricing is where becomes a standout competitor for Clickfunnels because of its exceptional functionality. offers three monthly subscription levels: Startup ($27), Webinars ($47), and Enterprise ($97).

The Startup level provides a comprehensive internet marketing SaaS that will serve 5,000 customers, manage those affiliates, host three different membership sites, and automate marketing campaigns. pricing pricing

The Webinars level will provide those same services for 10,000 customers, allow for five membership sites, two custom domains, and support three evergreen webinars.

At this level, you also have support for coupon codes as well as split funnel testing.

The Enterprise level will help you manage up to 15,000 email subscribers over five custom domains

You will also have the ability to create unlimited membership sites and host an unlimited number of evergreen webinars

Beyond that, you’ll have to contact for pricing.

Clickfunnels offers two monthly pricing solutions: Clickfunnels ($97) and Clickfunnels Platinum ($297)

The standard Clickfunnels subscription limits you to creating just 20 funnels, each with up to 100 subpages

This subscription does not include access to the critical email and affiliate tracking features that are essential to many online businesses, hampering the usefulness of funnel creation. 

Without automated follow-up funnels, you can't capitalize on the leads that you collect.

To accurately compare many of the features discussed here, including the smart lists and automation tools as well as the affiliate management program features that already come standard in all levels of

You’d need to subscribe to the upgraded Clickfunnels Platinum level

A Platinum subscription is also essential if you plan to build more than 20 funnels.

Both platforms offer complete 14-day trials to let you use full-function versions of the software that they provide.

With Clickfunnels, you have to provide credit card information for future automatic billing at the end of the trial to gain this access. does not require a credit card for trial access.

10. Support 

Clickfunnels offers a myriad of training options and challenges and courses for you to learn how to use the software effectively

Some are free, many require a fee, and there are several options consistently posted on your dashboard as you enter the portal

Due to the overwhelming number of support tickets that Clickfunnel has received thanks to its massive following, Clickfunnels has begun outsourcing support tickets to veteran users

With the upgraded Platinum plan, you are assured of direct, priority support. provides live 24/7 chat support, with a handful of real people available to answer your questions and help you navigate the software and promises an answer within 24 hours

Additionally, the Enterprise subscription includes 1 hour of one-on-one coaching, and staff are available to execute custom landing pages per your request if you lack the experience

11. Conclusion 


For any small internet marketing startup company, offers a better product at a much better price point than a Clickfunnels subscription. outperforms Clickfunnels in terms of ease of use because it was designed with the user experience in mind. 

Though both platforms are thoughtfully constructed, is more friendly to the average user without any technical web design skills. does not require any coding knowledge or significant tech-savvy to produce quality funnels in a few clicks. Coding knowledge is not necessary to take advantage of Clickfunnels templates, either, though you can get fancy if you need to. 

At the $97 per month price point of its basic subscription, Clickfunnels does not provide its email and automation or affiliate marketing services

Consequently, you can't automate or coordinate email responses to customer actions or manage your affiliates unless you upgrade to Platinum, which costs three times as much as the highest subscription. 

Clickfunnels has already recently modified its pricing structure to exclude smaller startups and continues to point its users towards third-party app integration for additional features, many of which are already available in’s suite.

Thanks to’s European roots, there are a few additional features that make it more versatile and adaptive for a global audience

As you create funnels for example, you can change the currency, to cater to multiple audiences. Finally, is available in seamless English and French, making it accessible and appropriate for reaching much of the global population.’s packages offer superior automation for all users. You don’t need to upgrade or outsource essential internet marketing tasks to other apps

While Clickfunnels touts that it cooperates well with multiple third-party services, most of these actions or responses are already incorporated into the dashboard and workflow, so you don’t have to pay any more than necessary

Thanks to the way was designed, with the user experience as a top priority, the automation processes are relatively intuitive and, again, don't require coding expertise.

It is important to note that is compatible with over 1,500 apps, but you won't need them to provide the essential services of email marketing, automation, or affiliate marketing. 

As Clickfunnels integrates apps, they continue to minimize value to their customers by excluding fundamental tools that already has includes in favor of the cloud computing model. 

Expect them to continue to outsource vital components of a digital marketing strategy in support of the bottom line as they have already begun to do.

Given the tremendous strides that has managed in its sport span of operation, is poised to overtake Clickfunnels by offering a product that provides small, startup businesses with everything they need to hit the ground running. delivers a better user experience for the small business startup owner with comprehensive functionality for a fraction of the price that Clickfunnels charges.